Why Vanessa Hudgens is my Coachella Queen?

i’m so happy to say this year i will be attending coachella..not no-chella! i will legit be at the music festival! yay me. 

So i’ve been vigorously on pinterest looking up Coachella style boards and time after time, these great Vanessa Hudgens looks pop up. Which has made her my style queen. I read somewhere she might not be attending this year, but I will use her previous looks as inspiration. 

18-Vanessa-Hudgens **EXCLUSIVE**  Vanessa Hudgens enjoys the Coachella music festival with her boyfriend Austin Butler while carrying a giant yellow flower

Each year she attends, she fully embodies the love child vibe of Coachella. I love each look is different, but they all still stay with her vibe. The long caftan is my favorite look! 

vanessa02 vanessa-hudgens vanessa-hudgens-2014-coachella-music-festival-day-3_2 vanessa-hudgens-coachella-day-three-02 Vanessa-Hudgens-in-Shorts_-2014-Coachella--08-720x1226

Can’t wait to show my inner hippie this year! 

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