#trappedatthemet: when did less become more?

during  the met red carpet on Monday night, I sat around with the rest of the internet waiting on the queen…. then after the red carpet ended I figured, welp! pack it up. Then emerged her instagram reveal….underwhelmed was my initial reaction. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what she had on. It strikes me that Beyoncé is showing the world how comfortable she is with her body, why is it that less has become more?

Not only did Bey come in a sheer and embellished gown, Kim Kardashian and J. Lo also came in similar ensembles. Why has the met gala been made into a night where female celebrities just come to bare it all? It seems like they all came to one up previous years. I am all for women loving their bodies and expressing themselves, but why does this seem like an on-going theme with celebrities right now?

Please tell me your thoughts.

beyonce-met-gala-2015-3 BBjbixU BBjbtbi

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