#trappedinart: “Assimilating Parellel Universes” by Sharon Ryder

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Last night my sister Bryce and I attended Sharon Ryder’s art show at The Coachella Valley Art Scene. I’ve been following Coachella Valley Art Scene for awhile and I love the that they celebrate local artists.

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The aura of the gallery was great and it was amazing to walk in being greeted by the artist herself. She was very sweet and let us know we could ask her about each piece.

Her personal aura showed in her art! All of her pieces had a great balance of color and they all had scientific details.  Sharon Ryder is a Chilean born artist that grew up in Cape Cod and is based in Southern California.

unnamed (30)

Sharon was quoted saying, “While making art, I enter a deep meditative state in which I put a simple intention into the painting, whether it be to represent a thought, an event, an aspect of nature that I have observed, to express a human emotion that would otherwise seem inexpressible, or to show the connection that we have to celestial bodies.”

unnamed (35) unnamed (34) unnamed (33)

me + beer + art = a good time!

unnamed (31) unnamed (28) unnamed (26)  all of Sharon’s pieces (and these amazing handbags) are currently on sale! Visit Coachella valley art scene to see the pieces.

You can connect with Sharon at:


instagram: @alieneske

facebook: Sharon ryder art

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