#AppetizingintheSprings: Spencer’s Restaurant


I’ve come to the realization that I live in a haven of restaurants that I can explored yet! I’m now on a quest to expand my appetite through out “the springs”! Let’s just call this my summer series. I can feed my love of food and I make connections all over the desert. Today my mom and sister, Bryce, had lunch at Spencer’s Restaurant in Palm Springs. Spencer’s is a hidden treasure off Palm Canyon in Palm Springs.    DSC_0320 DSC_0321The lunch hours are a great time to come sit in the outdoor seating (until it becomes a 100 degrees). Spencer’s has an amazing ambience that is so relaxed, being that the pool there is only a half step away. It really feels like a mini country club inside Spencer’s.


We started with our drinks! I’m a baby alcoholic… I don’t mind drinking, as long as I don’t taste the alcohol. My mom and I both chose the Purple Palm, because it had a hint of Pineapple to keep the drink sweet. I absolutely loved it.


Next… it was time to eat! Since I’m appetizing the springs.. We chose our lunch off the appetizer menu… fitting, right? We ordered the Hot Appetizer Sample, which included, Coconut Shrimp, Calamari, and Lobster Potstickers. We also ordered an order of Sauteed Crabcakes.


The Crabcakes were cooked to perfection with garnish, capers, and orange tomatoes. The tartness of the capers and the sweetness of the tomatoes, combined with the crab cake was a wonderful balance.


The Coconut Shrimp were breaded and the shrimp was cooked very well. The coconut shrimp on top of pineapple and the pineapple added a sweet tanginess.


The calamari was AMAZING and included chili pepper sauce that I was not as adventurous to try because I don’t like spicy sauces. My sister said the sauce was great.


Last, but not  least were the Lobster Potstickers. Lawwwd, those had to be made by God himself. The combination of the Lobster filling and crispy exterior was literal perfection.


It’s safe to say that we loved the food . Spencer’s is now on my go to list and I’m thinking of coming back to check out the pool. Look forward to my post on my outfit and a youtube round off.

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