my travel essentials.

four more days until my trip to san Francisco! I’m so excited and now the hard part… packing! Even if I’m leaving for the day, I take days to pack and reevaluate my looks. When I pack, I always have a list of my traveling essentials that I need no matter where I go.


  1. My camera- this is THE MOST IMPORTANT item I bring on my trip. I love my Nikon, but on this trip I will be taking my sister’s Canon. It’s much more portable than mine and will fit in all the bags I am bringing with me.
  2. Glasses/ Glasses Case- This is fairly self explanatory. I use my case more when I travel to keep from safe.
  3. Book- I love to spend plane rides reading. Fashion books help inspire me. My latest read is, Blogging Your Way to The Front Way
  4. Fanny pack- Sometimes when we are walking to quick spots and I don’t want to carry my bag. My Forever21 fanny pack makes it easy to carry my small necessities around.
  5. Perfume (To Go)- a girl always has to smell good, right?
  6. Mint- Gotta keep my break so fresh and so clean, clean
  7. Charger
  8. Comfortable Shoes- We typically do lots of walking when we go travel and comfortable shoes are a MUST. I recently found these topshop sliders from Nordstrom Rack.
  9. Snacks- I love to make a stop to the dollar and stock up on sweet goodies
  10. Computer- well, I’m a blogger…I always have my computer handy.

What are your travel essentials?

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