jumpin, jumpin!


….’cause it’s 11:30 and the club is jumpin, jumpin! When I wrote this post title that song came to my head.

Can you believe it’s almost fall already? It amazes me that this year is going by so fast. It’s now time to JUMP into fall… see how that Destiny’s Child reference made sense?



Since I live in the desert, we don’t get a true fall here… we just get out of the triple digit heat. Anything is better than living in hell, right?

DSC_0104 DSC_0105

I don’t like to invest in a full wardrobe for the fall so I love pieces that I can transition into the fall from the summer. This Michael Kors is exactly that piece that will help me jump into fall.


The deep blue is so neutral and can be styled so many different ways with contrasting colors.



I brought back out my navy and red Tory Burch heels to keep the look classic and chic. I really can’t get enough of these shoes, the detailed straps on the front bring an ethic feel to them. The color scheme keep it very classic, especially with that chunky heel.

DSC_0078 DSC_0079

Jumpsuit : Michael Kors // Shoes: Tory Burch // Clutch: Louis Vuitton // Necklace: Charming Charlie // Watch: Charming Charlie //

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