what’s a waist?

I’m not really into crash diets or weight loss phenomena’s, but geez guys. I’ve been on and off on my mission to lose weight and I’m at the point where I will try anything.


Well…. not anything. I can’t drink all the Kool Aid. One “fad” I have started is wearing a waist trainer. I’m not interested in having waist of a Barbie, but my tummy area is a problem area to me and I am just working on bringing that in.


I’ve decided to test out a few products also to help with that area and I’ve heard really great things about all BLISS Products. I am trying out a combination of the FatGirlSlim and The LoveHandler (which my mom stole from me).

I will keep you all updated on how these products work… 🙂 #jesusmakemeskinny

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