is it christmas…already?


Who doesn’t love a day trip with the girls? I finally had a full day off to myself and decided to take a trip to Victoria gardens with some friends. Victoria Gardens is an outdoor shopping center and is absolutely gorgeous! It was so great to get out of the desert and I got to put my blue bombshell on the road.


One thing that I noticed is that they were decked out in Christmas decorations. It is not even Thanksgiving…geeez. I work in retail and I love that I work for a company that doesn’t start decorations until after Thanksgiving. It’s a bit of overkill when I walk in the mall and there is Christmas music playing and fake snowflakes EVERYWHERE.


It was overall a great day with my friends even though I lost my wallet in the desert that morning and had no money on me! Shout out to my girls that held me down!!!


Shirt: Old Navy

Vest: Forever21

Jeans: Jolt Jeans (Nordstrom Rack)

Boots: Nordstrom Rack

Purse: Kate Spade


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