Hautelook x Modernism Week

Modernism Week just winded down here in Palm Springs. Modernism Week is a crazy 10 days of home tours, lectures, party, and everything midcentury modern! I’ve been so busy with work, so I wasn’t able to attend many events.

untitled (32)

I was fortunate enough to attend the party thrown by Hautelook at the new beautiful Eichler home. It was nice to have an actual fashion party incorporated into Modernism Week, because we have such stylish visitors that are in the desert. It was fun to see the mix of the crowd with locals and the LA peeps. We all knew who was from out of town, because they were wearing heels. HA

We like things casual in the desert. 🙂 #lazylife I brought my beautiful new Nalana Dress by Trina Turk. It was the perfect show stopper for the event. The retro print fits the midcentury vibes of Modernism Week.

untitled (34)

The crowd of the party was not the usual fashion crowd… for the most part. Everyone was networking and really getting to know other people at the party. Which, I loved! Nothing is worst than being at a party and everyone is in little groups in the room.

untitled (33)


Thank you Hautelook for such an amazing event!


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