my favorite coffee shops in palm springs! 

if you know me personally, you are probably thinking i’m crazy because i don’t drink coffee. us non-coffee drinkers still get enjoyment from our local coffee shops. i love a good hot chocolate & a chai latte (clean)! lol 

i’m a pretty picky person, so i have only a few favorite spots that i like to hit. 

 1. Ernest Coffee: Ernest is really close to my job & typically my “go to”. The staff is amazing & make you feel right home. The clean chai latte with almond milk is always my mid day “pick me up”. 

2. Customs Coffee: Customs is a new shop with the opening of the Arrive Hotel. It is affiliated with Joshua Tree Coffee so the standard of the product is amazing.

3. Koffi: Must say, i don’t go to Koffi often but they have two locations in Palm Springs on my route to work. I typically get the hot chocolate & pick up a pastry while i am there.

Dress: Forever 21// Shoes: Windsor// Jean Jacket: J. crew// Purse: Sonnique Saturday 

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