#trappedntravel: san fran ’16 

last weekend, bryce & i made a weekend trek to san fran. san fran has become my dream california city. i love the city vibes with the weather, while still being in my home state. 

day one was our arrival. we dropped off our bags at our hostel, then we hit the road. first we went to, mr. holmes bakehouse, an awesome bakery that was bumping beyonce when we walked up. #formation 

we took our baked goods to lombard street and ran into all the tourists. like, ugh! then we went across san fran to the 16th ave tiled steps, which i am OBSESSED with! they are so beautiful & you get a view of the city. 

after literally hitting every corner in san fran, we went back to the hostel before the big show! if you remember my post about podcasts, i told you about the read. well they had a live show in sf and i went! it was so funny, ratchet, enlighted, & so much more! so glad i was able to go. see the rest of my travel diary later…

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