When you send fashion bloggers to comic con…

So… yeah, Nicole invited me to Comic Con Palm Springs with her today. Since Brandy and Bryce are pretty invested in the comic/anime world I knew somewhat what I would experiencing.

We arrived right when Stan Lee was starting the ribbon cutting and the fans were in full effect. Chanting is name and everyone had their cell phones out to take pictures. We entered to see lots of people dressed in Cosplay and many families enjoying the convention together.

We walked through the convention center and saw many comic con goers in cosplay and we walked through all the vendor booths. I brought home a few comics for my siblings and that pretty much ended our comic con experience. I was a bit out of touch with the convention and I clearly looked out of place, since everyone was either in cosplay or wearing superhero t-shirts.

After leaving comic con, Nicole and I decided to take a few shots on the Mr. Lyons wall in Palm Springs.

Funny enough, my entire look excluding my shoes are all from Forever21. I want a simple look for the day and I realized I kind of transitioned to the fall. Even though it is still well over 100 degrees here, i’m ready to wear darker colors and bring my boots out!

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