My fall beauty essentials

Hey everyone! Today is the offical first day of fall…too bad it’s still 90 degrees in Palm Springs. I will start implementing more content to the blog (and the brand). Beauty being one of them! woo hoo.


Today i’m bringing you my favorite essential beauty products for the fall. Now let me say this, I AM NOT A BEAUTY GURU. So these are just some MY favorite items.

  • Perverse Sunglasses: I won these for $1 at Coachella and I have to say I LOVE these glasses.
  • Mac Blot Powder: Greasy faces are GROSS. So blot powder is now an everyday essential.
  • Benefit “benetint”: This lip/cheek tint is great for a bit of extra color. You can apply as much as you want to create the perfect tint for you.
  • Murad Facial treatment: I received the Murad acne treatment in a gift bag that included the clarifying cleanser and acne spot fast fix. My face feels so rejunviated after I use the cleanser.
  • Palladio Velvet Matte Lipstick: My friend Marisella bought this on a trip to Sally’s beauty supply. She had a coupon and bought it from me. Now this is literally my favorite lipstick ever! I love how smooth and easy the application is and the matte is beautiful. Most importantly, the lipstick lasts almost all day! I wear the ‘Tapestry ‘ color atleast once a week.
  • NYX Underneath it All Palette: I don’t wear eye shadow much, but i’m trying to add it to my daily routine. This palette is so warm and great for fall! 
  • So Cool Eye Stick: My eyes get dry in the fall/winter, so I will have this stick on me all the time. This is great to apply under your eyes to bring moisture to your under eye bags.

What essentials do you guys use in the fall? Comment and let me know!

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