Bad & Boujee

“rain drop, drop top”….can i just say I COMPLETELY agree with Donald Glover by saying that Migo’s Bad & Boujee is the BEST song ever. I listen to that song at least 10 times a day. I literally do feel like a bad bitch after that song. Which brings me to this UH-MAZING Trina Turk dress that I wear weekly, because I also feel like a bad bitch every time I wear it.

This dress is one of my Trina Turk favs. I’m not saying this because I work for the brand, but because I TRULY looooooooove this damn dress. So it’s polyester and 6% SPANDEX. Whaat? Yes! I can drop it low, pick it up, play basketball, and more in this dress.


Okay, I’m done talking about that dress. But y’all it’s great.


Dress: Trina Turk//here//    Boots: Vera Wang// similar here//

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