style evolution of "mean girl" movies!

like any other girl, i’m a sucker for a good cult classic girl movie. more specifically, “mean girl” movies!  through each generation, there is a classic girl film that stays with that generation and attracts other generations. for me, those movies were “the heathers” from the 80’s, “jawbreakers” from the 90’s, & “mean girls” from the 00’s. what i most love about each movie is that they represent their decade through the fashion choices so well.

the heathers (1988)

the heathers star wionna ryder, shannen doherty, & christian slater in this movie about the popular clique named the heathers. being that three of the four girls, were named “heather” it was only right. until, the other girl is the group named sawyer has enough of the mean girl ways of one of the heathers and…. well you have to watch the rest!

from the heathers, they give you suburban preppy 80’s. there is a lot of plaid, shoulder pads, & color!

jawbreaker (1999) 
jawbreaker is a classic 90’s rude girl movie. it involves three friends who accidentally kill another friend by gagging her with a jawbreaker. and it evolves into a crazy comedy that leaves you never wanting to go to high school with these girls. 

 jawbreakers gives you classic 90’s fashion with crop tops, floral prints, tube tops, and color. what i really love about jawbreakers is the maturing in the style of the main characters and the clear 60’s inspiration. the girls kept their style young and still in the 90’s, while showing 60’s vintage inspired pieces. they were classic cardigans with most looks, pedal pushers, and cat eye glasses.


Mean Girls (2004)
mean girls is the ultimate girl movie for the current generation. the movie stars lindsay lohan, rachel mcadam, & amanda seyfriend. lohan’s character, cat, moves back to the us from africa to start her public school life in high school. she sorta gets chosen to “the plastics” aka the popular group… which changes her life. 

 mean girls definitely gives you the new age of suburban fashion…aka the “fashion” for teenage white girls. the plastics were clearly inspired by the clueless age and try to be that of 2004. lots of tanks, juicy couture, mini skirts, cropped tops, basic designer bags, and the color pink!

Style Cap: Color Blocking

“Color Blocking” is very big fashion trend as of right now. On my last trip to Goodwill, I found this crazy colored striped Jones New York shirt. My mom kept telling me the shirt was ugly, but I saw so much fashion potential.

I paired the shirt with green skinny jeans from Target, which actually were my sister Brandy’s christmas present. LOL.
For accessories, I paired it with black cross earrings from Forever 21 & black and red bangles.

My outfit could’ve gone for a tribute to the late 80s/90s too, right?

How did I pull off my color block inspired look?

xoxo, TTF.

Style Showcase: Clueless

I remember watching clueless when I was young with my mom I didn’t understand everything in the movie but the outfits always stook in my head. I even had the barbies that came out for the main characters, Cher & Dione. I definitely wanted Cher’s closet, actually I’ll still take that now! LOL

Me & my mom now quote different lines in the movie, “Omg! Our stock will plummet.” and the all time favorite,” Rollin’ with the homies!”… LOL 🙂 RIP to Brittany Murphy.

This People’s Magazine article describes Clueless the best:

Okay. So there’s this movie called Clueless, and it’s about this rich Betty (you know, a babe) named Cher (after that lady who does infomercials). Her mother died during routine liposuction, and now she is, like, furiously concerned with the welfare of others. Especially their fashion welfare.

Women’s Wear Daily calls Clueless the fashion movie of the year—and it majorly, fully earned the title. Costume designer Mona May studied European style big-time to come up with the 60 totally dope outfits that she created for star Alicia Silverstone. “The European thing is, have your own style,” says May, “and when the next trend comes, update without giving in.” In the movie, Silverstone specializes in makeovers. As if that’s her calling in real life! “I hate clothes, I hate fashion, I feel like a big frump,” she has insisted. Not that she was ever a Monet cute from afar, a mess close up), but during filming, “Alicia acquired some knowledge and taste,” says May.

That’s a serious accomplishment in young Hollywood, where everyone seems to squander their hottie potential by wearing the wrong clothes—duh! But that could be the point. “Nobody in their 40s is going to wear baggy pants, because they don’t get it,” says Clueless director Amy Heckerling. “You’re not supposed to get it. It’s not for you.”

The movie, explains May, “is about being yourself. Why not be daring? Why not wear white pumps after Labor Day?” Tscha! There’s a limit. How can young stars be such plods, overwhelming us with a sense of ickiness? Says May: “I think they all need my help.”

Clueless was just the great example of the style of the youth in the 90s..
Their plaid ensembles, the clunky heels, those Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” oxford heels, the baggy jeans, the real start of the skateboard grungy era….. All of that!

As If!!

xoxo, TTF