Happy Thursday! Are all of you posting #tbt photos today? lol I definitely have a throwback for you all… Birkenstocks! Yes, the “Jesus sandals”! I remember in middle school all the girls in school had them and I REALLY wanted a pair too. I maybe wore those like 5 times… smh. Well Birkenstocks have reappeared in my life and I am OBSESSED. They are so comfortable and really make any look casual chic. (I might be stretching it with that, but I just really like them.) This will definitely be my summer essential sandal this year.


New look!

Welcome to the new “The Trapped Fashionista”! I did a major change to the site in the last 48 hours and I love the look. I was looking at the way the blog used to look and it was a bit outdated to me, so this new change is fantastic. Please enjoy and comment on the new layout!



Juicing for love…

From febuary 1st until the 14th, I will embark on a 14 day jucing challenge with my mom. This is a great way to prove myself that I have self discipline and to cleanse my body. I have lost weight, but I am a frequent yoyo dieter. And I am this to be the push to keep my weight down & live a more healthy life. So from today until valentines day, I will only be consuming fresh juiced fruits & veggies…oh and water! 
I will keep an update on the blog on how my challenge is going…wish me luck! 

Turban Resort Chic!

 On Wednesday, My mom suggested I try out a turban with this fabulous h&M scarf she has that matches the colors of my t shirt. After researching the various ways to tie turbans, we found our own way to tie and now I’m hooked! I think I will be wearing a turban all summer now.

Shirt: El Paseo Fashion Week T Shirt Shorts: H&M Shoes: Aldo Scarf: H&M

Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens

Agyness brings another collection to Doc Martens and switches up for the spring with girly detailing. Since the 90’s are back in trend, she was definitely on trend with her jelly style shoe with bows.

My past looks via the mirror!

With being busy, I haven’t been able to get decent picture of any of my looks. I have gotten a few selfies (pictures you take of yourself with your camera or phone!) at work in downtime. Enjoy my few selfies! 

 Absolutely loving these new floral jeans that I got from work! My new obsession for the spring & summer. 🙂

Pepsi Can: The New Accessory!

This weekend I was chosen to blog for Pepsi’s tumblr  for the superbowl. I wrote my #Beyoncebowl post (that is below!) so feel free to check out the tumblr to see my posts along with many from other great bloggers. In tribute to Pepsi, I did a mini shoot with my new accessory… my Pepsi can. 

Style Cap: Iris

Today, My mom & I stopped at our local Albertsons to get a few groceries for dinner. On the way out I see this woman walking towards the store in this color block look. I commented on her look to my mom and knew that I needed a style cap from her.

And I met Iris….

She didn’t even know, but she was totally in style with her color blocked right & red. Then her pink “toms” and red turban. She colorful outfit fit her colorful personality.

We had a little conversation, during her “photo shoot”, but she told me that she makes purses and hats. We didn’t get much further in our conversation, being that it was 110 degrees today…. but I would buy whatever she’s making. ( if you see this please email me iris!!!)

Meet Jacquie Tajah Murdock the 82 year old fashionista/model

Jacquie Tajah Murdock is a former Apollo Theater dancer now turned model for fashion house, Lanvin’s Fall 2012 Campaign. Last year, Murdock was featured on, Advanced Style, the street style blog for more distinguished men & women. Ari Seth Cohen runs Advanced Style & helped cast Lanvin’s fall campaign and Jacquie was chosen. She met with Lanvins head designer Alber Elbaz, who loved Jacquie and reportedly give her lots of kisses through out her shoot. Below is her ad for Lanvin:

Jacquie Murdock has accomplished many acheivements in her 82 years. At 17, she became a dancer in a dance troupe called Norma Miller’s Jazz Dancers. She has extensive skills in dance from belly dancing in the 60’s to being an expert in Russian Ballet. And she hasn’t stopped dancing. She is still a performer ar the Jazz Museum in Harlem, Frederick Douglass Academy, & The Harlem School of Arts.

She’s not only knowledgable in dance, though. Murdock has earned three degrees, including a master’s in “Media Ecology” at NYU… She has beauty and brains!

Murdock may be 82 years old, but you won’t be catching her in grandma jeans. She was quoted saying, “You will never see me in jeans,” she says. “Unless they’re white jeans—because it’s too common. I wear mostly dresses, anyway. I like to be different. I have the eye, and I don’t care if it’s cheap or expensive.”

After reading her story, Jacquie is very motivating to me. I have no excuse to walk out the house in jeans & a t-shirt anymore….unless they are white jeans!

**Courtesy of Advanced Style & The Daily Beast

Get this look: Brandy’s Peasant Romper

This past week, singer, Brandy performed at Howard University for her new album ‘Two Eleven’. 
She rocked a blue peasant ruffled top romper and black studded combat boots.
I’ve spent all day on the internet looking for the romper Brandy wore or a similar top short combination. I was not successful in my search, but below I have my closest look: 

 ‘Haute Hippie Silk Romper’ (Nordstrom)- $325

Although the romper is not the same peasant style, it is the same color and you still get the romper look.
I do feel I got the boots perfectly with these Steve Madden studded boots.

 Steve Madden ‘Tarnney’ Boot (Nordstrom)- $149.95

Also, Make sure you take a look at Brandy perform her single, “Put It Down”.

**Photos Courtesy of: TheBrandyBlog