Five Looks under $100 for Fourth of July

Fourth of July is a day of picnics, bbq’s, fireworks, & fashion. Here are five various looks that you can rock on the fourth & even after:

Style Cap: Joseph Perry

This style cap is very past due, I have been trying to get JP to do a style cap for a VERY long time. Everytime I have asked, JP never felt his outfit was blog post ready…. even though he has GREAT style and he would be my style cap Hall of Famer! LOL Finally, I got him to do a post.

JP’s inspiration for his look was denim! Almost every piece he had on was denim & he wanted to show the versatility of denim. Which I believe, he accomplished with his various shades & types of denim. For example, he was wearing a blue chambray shirt & his pants were oatmeal denim. Great use of contrast.

Blazer- Joseph Abooud
Shirt- Custom made from Nordstrom
Pants- J Crew
Tie- Club Monaco
Shoe- Nordstrom

Thanks JP!

Fashion Crimes: Gucci vs. Guess

Three years ago, Gucci filed a lawsuit against Guess for producing many products that are almost identical to their signature pieces.

According to The Huffington Post, On Wednesday Paul Marciano, Guess Inc. CEO, took the stand for a four-hour long examination by Ederer. He defended his company’s actions, acknowledging some design similarities but denying any wrongdoing.

“What I understand here, which is very frequent [in fashion], is an inspiration to create an original bag of G’s with the same components,” Marciano stated, according to Women’s Wear Daily. “That’s what design is.”

Guess is being accused of specifically ripping off four designs: Gucci’s green and red stripe; the interlocking “G” pattern; the square “G” and the brand name’s delicate script font. Gucci claims that Guess sold more than $221 million worth of products featuring these trademark infringements.

Marciano admitted, as he has done before, that a pair of Guess sneakers featuring a red stripe over an interlocking “G” print was so similar to Gucci that he was “embarrassed.” Yet that was one instance that the company has since repented for, Marciano argued; overall, Guess and its footwear licensee, Marc Fisher Footwear, have been following the rules.

Here is the photo of one of the Guess sneakers and the original Gucci sneakers:

The knock offs vs the originals

There’s no denying Guess was heavily “inspired” by Gucci in some their designs. I believe it’s wrong being that they are a known brand and stooped very low to make a profit.

What’s your verdict? Is Guess guilty or innocent?

Beauty Post: Mixed Chicks Quad Pack Review

My favorite hairstyle I has always been the natural curly “fro”. The only problem is that my hair would always frizz up after a few hours. I heard of the “Mixed Chicks” line, but was never impressed because the name of the brand never related to me. Recently, my mom told me to try out the Quad Pack and see how it worked.

The quad pack includes of: Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, and Silk Spray. I received my order this week and finally used the products. Here’s my regime:

First, I shampoo’ed my hair with the Mixed Chicks shampoo 3 times. It’s my normal routine to wash 3 times, but I realized the Mixed Chicks shampoo is thicker so I can go through twice next time.

Next is the deep conditioner, which in the reviews everyone said you can feel the effects once it’s on your hair and that is VERY true. The second I worked it through my hair it detangled right through my curls and my hair was silky smooth! Being that it was my first time using the product I rinsed it out after a few minutes.

I then applied the Leave-In Conditioner and let the product settle in.

Here is my hair right after applying the quad pack:

….then a few hours later:

Overall, the Quad Pack has been working very well but I’m not completely satisfied. Through out the week, I’ve been mixing the Deep Conditioner & Leave-In Conditioner and applying together. I definitely see more of a curl pattern in my hair, but the frizz has not been totally tamed. I will definitely continue to use the quad pack, but will be looking elsewhere to seal the deal. 🙂

Style Cap

One store I don’t typically shop at Zara. I just never find anything that particular catch my eye. Well I went there recently and hit the jackpot….I bought 3 pairs of dress pants & blazer all ON SALE!

This look was put together first with the mom purchased these at a local Ross store for $16…. Sixteen bucks!!

So then to match up with the shoes I chose a blue button up & my new khaki’s from Zara. These are about the same price of the old khaki’s I had from Forever 21, but 10000000% better quality! The whole look was under $50. 🙂 Another win for the fashionista on a budget!!

What did you think of my look?

Beats by Oscar De La Renta…

Oscar De La Renta, collaborated with Dr. dre for these exclusive “luxe silver fox” versions of the Beats by Dre earphones. Since they are special edition, they are priced at $695…

Do you think it’s worth the price? Or are you paying for expensive ear muffs?

I think they are the cutest earphones for a fashionista NOT on a budget. I wonder if the fox are detatchable… No one wants fur on their ears in the summertime, right?

Style Cap: Color Blocking

“Color Blocking” is very big fashion trend as of right now. On my last trip to Goodwill, I found this crazy colored striped Jones New York shirt. My mom kept telling me the shirt was ugly, but I saw so much fashion potential.

I paired the shirt with green skinny jeans from Target, which actually were my sister Brandy’s christmas present. LOL.
For accessories, I paired it with black cross earrings from Forever 21 & black and red bangles.

My outfit could’ve gone for a tribute to the late 80s/90s too, right?

How did I pull off my color block inspired look?

xoxo, TTF.

Christmas 2011

I feel the older you get the less the presents mean to you for Christmas. I really enjoy watching the excitement my siblings get opening their gifts. Well, my family decided to do “Secret Santa” within the family and my gift from my S.S. were three bags of watermelon sour patch kids (exactly what I asked for (-: ) and a houndstooth scarf.. My S.S. did a great job on my gift! I was very happy with that and watched everyone open their gifts.

During that time, my mom disappeared for a little while as we start to clean away some of the wrapping paper. She came back downstairs with her hands behind her back, she tells me since im the oldest she wanted to give me a nice gift of quality… and hands me an orange Hermes bag from around her back. It’s somewhat a blur of what happened at that point, but im pretty sure there was some screaming & maybe jumping involved.
It took me a few minutes to actually open the box, but when I did I opened it to the ‘H’ Hermes cuff… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

What’s crazy is that I was just on the Hermes website with my mom a few nights ago looking at all of the accessories… I am beyond words of thanks to my parents for such a wonderful. It’s only the start to my Hermes collection. 🙂

I also got myself a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s… not the spiked pair that I put on my Christmas list, but the pair that I feel embodied me more.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with the people that mean the most to them! 🙂

I will post more of the holiday fun later… Stay tuned!

xoxo, TTF

Denim boxers?

The lovely designers at DSquared have designed these boxer briefs that look like manly daisy dukes?… Not sure if that was the look they were going for, but this picture definitely gives me a laugh.

The price is no joke though, $560. Yikes!

Are you moisturizing your skin in the winter?

Don’t you hate it when you leave the house on a winter day and realize your skin is very dry the second your outside? There are ways to prevent that from happening….

I mentioned in my previous beauty post that I use noxzema on a daily basis. I definitely use it more when the weather begins to get colder. Noxzema is always a good product for keeping your skin mosturized & it’s better to apply more than your normal amount in the winter. I add twice the amount than I normally do, because Nozxema is my only mosturizer to my face.

Now for your body, A oil based lotions are the best.
According to WebMd, “Find an “ointment” moisturizer that’s oil-based, rather than water-based, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. (Hint: Many lotions labeled as “night creams” are oil-based.)” Do be careful to use the lotions primary on your body, because they can actually clog the pores on your face. I often use the cetaphil lotion, which, is also a nice thick and keeps me moisturized. The off brand, “Up & Up” from target also has a “moisturizing lotion” for a lower price if you do not feel up to paying the price for Cetaphil.

Also, It’s best to keep your feet moisturizing in the nights while your sleeping.

Last, but not least, keep your body hydrated with water!! It’s great to keep your skin healthy from the inside also.

Fashion Side Note: If you are to wear a wool, make sure to have a layer between the wool & your skin. Wool is very irritating your skin and can make your skin easily dry.

I help these tips can you in the winter time!

-xoxo, TTF. “