my best dressed picks for the met gala!

this year’s met gala was themed: punk chaos to couture! which i expected to bring out the creativity and edge of the fashion industry…i mean, that’s what fashion is all about right? or so i thought! in return, i saw many average and mediocrely dressed “fashionistas”…. what a disappointment. luckily, there were a few ladies who came out and showed their best! 

here are my best dressed picks: 

my worst dressed goes to everyone that dressed like there was no theme to the gala. although i believe, kim kardashian looked the WORST tonight!

miley cyrus bares all for v magazine!

 miley is showing us she is all grown up in her recent shoot for v magazine. she bares underboob and a little booty for us to see. i love seeing miley grow up to be a responsible, yet still rebellious young woman.  miley is super TRILL!!!

click below for her entire shoot!

2013 Grammys!

Sunday night marked the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and what a night it was. The night was full of great performances, celebrities, & awards given out. Here are a preview of the night’s biggest winners:

Adele came looking very english and adorable on Sunday night. I was very much a fan of her look for the night! She won one of the first awards of the show with Best Pop Solo Performance.

Kelly Clarkson (one of the funniest artists..did you see her acceptance speech?) won Best Pop Vocal Album! Which I can only imagine her is such a whirlwind to go from being on American Idol to winning Grammy awards.

Best Country Solo Performance went to Miss Carrie Underwood! She looked darling in her Roberto Cavalli gown that fit her curves just right. She also gave a powerful performance in an interactive dress… interesting, right? 
Beyonce won her 17th grammy award for Best Traditional R&B Performance for her record, “Love On Top”. So happy for BaddieBey! While she only took home one, her hubby took home three awards on Sunday. One for Best Rap Performance, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, & lastly for Best Rap Song

 Drake won Best Rap Album, which was a great accomplish for him. I was also rooting for Nas, because he is a legend in hip hop and has yet to receive a Grammy.

 Everyone’s most anticapted winner for the night Frank Ocean won for Best Urban Contemporary Album. He also won a Grammy for his part on “No Church in the Wild” with Jay Z, Kanye, & The Dream.

 Gotye: Best Alternative Music Album &  Best Pop Duo / Group Performance with Kimbra! I know everyone and their mom has listened and loved, “Somebody that I Used to Know”… so it was great to see Gotye & Kimbra win big at the awards. It was beautiful to see Kimbra’s reaction to winning Record of the Year with Prince presenting the award. Such an honor!

I kept my fingers crossed for fun. and they did win Best New Artist! Congrats to them and their awards, because they also won Song of the Year

Mumford & Sons won big with Album of the Year, which is a wonderful accomplishment of the band.

I wish all the winners much more success and Grammy awards in the future!

Fashion Halloween

I know when I search for a halloween look based off my favorite celebrity looks. Then end up going to Party City for a costume out of a bag. Well this year, I decided to give you four celebrity looks that you can make into any halloween look…and use the pieces after halloween.

Fall "Trend To Go": Stiletto Nails

This fall my “trend to go” are Stiletto Nails. If your not familiar, Stiletto Nails are nails that come into a sharpened tip.

Stiletto Nails have become a nail trend by celebrities, like, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Fergie, Rihanna, & others.

Now it seems EVERYONE is taking heed to this trend. Honestly, I would not miss seeing stiletto nails every time I open my Instagram. (If you have an Instagram, follow me! @trappednfashion)

Besides the fact that I see them everywhere. I’m not a fan of people including the pop nail elements on top of the stiletto nail. I feel the shape of the nail should be the focal point. Maybe it’s just me, right?

Solange in Glamour France speaks about her style..

Solange Knowles was featured in this month’s Glamour France in a fabolous photo shoot. Whoever styled this shoot was great.. They played on Solange’s known 60’s inspired style & added a little urban flare.

When asked about her personal style Solange said,” [My style is] very eclectic as I like to take risks, but I always cling to glamorous touches and classic details. I’m not necessarily inspired by magazines or fashion. I surf a lot on blogs and find it cool to see real style from real people. My travels also influence me. I always take lots of pictures, and then inject all those inspirations into my wardrobe, my home decor, or my makeup. And we can’t forget the icons: Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Bjork, and Lauryn Hill.”

**Photos Courtesy of: Necole Bitchie &

Classy or Trashy? Raven Simone

Actress & Singer, Raven Simone, was spotted in New York promoting her “Sister Act” play.

Very happy for her success, but this look…

I understand that she just had a major weight loss, so it’s almost like she has a new body. However, this look is a “hip rocker chick” gone a little wrong. I can’t quite put my finger on what about the look I don’t like. Maybe no scarf? Or it should have been a different dress?

Please comment and tell me if you agree or am i being too harsh?

The “Bejewled Lip” is definitely in right now!!

From the look of the December issue of Harpers Bazar, the bejeweled lip is a growing trend. Katy Perry is the cover model and is rocking the look very well.

Up & coming British artist, Jessie J, also rocked a studded & somewhat “bejeweled” lip in her video for her song, “Do It Like A Dude”.
I don’t know too many people who would be trying this look on a regular day, but it’s great for special occasions… like video shoots or magazine covers. lol.
Also, I really want to know who the makeup artist were for both Katy Perry & Jessie J, because I would love to know how they did it and how long it took.
Hmmm… if anyone finds out, let me know!
When I saw these photos of singer Ciara this past week, I knew I wanted to post them. The epitome of the New York fashionista to me. Her look was very fall chic to me.. loved it!

I wasn’t too sure after I saw this report of her & friend Kim Kardashian wearing the SAME outfit. A total #FashionFauxPas. I mean really… the same dress & shoes as your close friend. Kim was seen in the outfit first in Paris, I believe. Then Ciara was seen at an event recently. I think their publicist were probably the motive behind this, but fashion is WAYYY more important than some press. Also, the outfit wasn’t that great… in my opinion.

Take the poll below and let me know what you think!!

Were Ciara & Kim wrong for wearing the same outfit?
Yes, major fashion mistake. . .
No, I share outfits with friends. . .

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