beyonce makes a new clothing line?

nope! it’s actually her mrs. carter world tour merchandise. all of the pieces can be purchased on her online store here.

i love the way the t shirts give a new vision for tour merchandise. they have givenchy inspiration and are styled into very fashion forward looks.

check them out below!

lace & wedges!

 for tachevah, i wanted to wear this green lace top of my sisters that i haven’t had a chance to wear yet. since were already at 90 degrees here in the desert i just knew it would be hot. so i paired the lace top with the denim shorts that i made during my first diy project. then i added my navy target wedges with green detailing.

top: forever21 shorts: diy project shoes: target accessories: nordstrom

tachevah 2013

this past wednesday was the first annual tachevah concert in palm springs. tacevah is a “block party” type concert set up between the two weekends of coachella. being that it was a free event, it garnered lots of press and attention with the locals. the line up included three local acts and passion pit headlined the concert. i found out from a few coworkers of mine and told my mom about the concert and we decided to go with my sisters, Brandy and Bryce. 

A strange man asked to take a picture of us with my camera….

we got there at the end of the band “you, me, us”. 

next up were the pedestrians! who were an awesome band and had the crowd very hype! 

druing the concert, my sister bryce found out that she was accepted into Georgetown’s summer program! 

now we really had a reason to celebrate!

dj alf alpha rocked the stage and had everyone pumped up! 
Since, I was having so much fun and I was not able to get more pictures during the other sets. I will say I hope Tachevah continues and I will definitely be back next year. 

Do you have the hottest ticket in town?

That ticket being the Mrs. Carter World Tour ticket! Beyonce recently posted this photo on her tumblr showing us that she’s prepping for this new tour. And trust, the Beyhive is ready to see her! Now all we need is a new single to hold us over until the tour.

Style Cap: Night Life Edition
This is what I wore to the Cudi Concert. I wanted to feel like I was at Coachella…

Top: KnowStyle

Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Vera Wang
Art & Music…
So on Thursday, I accompanied my sisters Brandy & Bryce to their high school to see them participate in the “Edible Art” contest..

They made “Penguins in Winter Wonderland”

Here are some work from other students:

This one was amazing. It was made from jello.
Looks familiar, right?
This was cute and the flowers were made out of fruit roll ups…

Here are Brandy & Bryce with their penguins.
After the judges looked at all of the “edible art”, they announced the winner…. Brandy & Bryce won MOST EDIBLE!!! They were so happy. It was a great experience for them, being that Brandy is very much into art and Bryce wants to be a pastry chef.
After the Edible Art Contest, Bryce had her winter orchestra concert. It was super LOOOOOOONG, but they did a great job!
There were lots of parents & faculty there to watch the concert.
It was a wonderful night for my sisters and I was so proud of them!