This here is Edgar Valdez Villareal, also known as “La Barbie,” a drug lord in Mexico. You may wonder how Villareal is connected to fashion….. Have you heard of the “La Barbie” polo?

After Edgar Villareal was arrested in Mexico for drug trafficking, the streets of Mexico went crazy over the Ralph Lauren polo that he was wearing (in the photo above.) Many street vendors in Mexico began to carry knock offs of the Ralph Lauren polo with the big polo figures, similar to what Villareal was wearing during his arrest. Villareal has given drug dealers a new sense of class, since the typical stereotype are men in flashy versace shirts.

Edgar Villareal only wanted higher class clothing, thats why he always wore Ralph Lauren. Also, once incarcerated Villareal only slept in Nautica pajamas, had Lacoste shower shoes, undergarments from Calvin Klein, & Hugo Boss cologne.

Remember fashion has no boundaries!