#trappedntravel : where to next?

as many of you remember, my sisters and I traveled to Tokyo last July for almost a week. It was an amazing trip and we now want to make it a staple to take a trip every summer. This year we chose a domestic location, but it’s a new city we’ve never been to.

My next step is to pack which is a task of it’s own.

Told ya I caught the travel bug! Can you guess our next destination?


The fashion chronicles of: Aila Wang!

Aila Wang has become the talk of fashion week over the last few years. Not only because she is the niece of designer, Alexander Wang but also she fashion become a mini fashion icon. Every fashion week Aila is styled in looks that would make any fashion blog! this year’s look included a t-shirt from wang’s collection (well the kid version) plus a leather skirt, nike flip flops, socks, & a baby Balenciaga ‘Giant City’ bag. 
Here is a mini timeline of Aila’s past looks: 
(not completely sure if it’s the correct order!)

my daycation to santa monica!

this past wednesday, my neighbor faith had a doctor’s appointment in santa monica and asked me to ride along with her. santa monica is about 2 hours away so it’s definitely a long car ride to be by yourself. i’ve never been to santa monica so i was definitely up for the ride. 

 the ride was pretty smooth and we ran into a little traffic once we hit LA… which is expected. check out how my trip went below:

 once we got to the doctor’s office, they informed us that i wouldn’t be able to go beyond the waiting room with faith. i really wanted to be there for her, but i realized my phone was dying so i was going to go hunt for a phone charger. (i can’t live without my phone!) then faith let me know that we weren’t too far from the santa monica pier and to walk down and see the ocean…. i definitely would not turn that down!

along the way, i saw very beach and vintage buildings that embodied the santa monica vibe. 

 i then hit the 3rd street promenade, which is like their outdoor mall and is amazing!!! i found out there was an apple store, but i did snap a few pics of the stores in the promenade.

 after hitting the apple store and paying a million dollars for a iphone charger, i walked down to the pier. it was a beautiful cool day out and it was amazing to see the ocean and clear blue skies.

(the typical santa monica beach-hipter style!)

 on the drive back home, faith told me about this cool restaurant called “the boiling crab” that she frequents with her family. the first thing she told me is that they serve their shrimp with the heads on… i was completely intrigued with the restaurant.

 it’s very similar to bubba gump shrimp, but with more edge and better food… sorry, but true!

when you get to the table, they put white paper on the table and give you a bib.

 we ordered a pound of the shrimp with cajun seasoning and this is how it came. then i realized you have to eat with your hands and can be very messy with the selections here. this definitely is not the type of restaurant you want to come to on your first date with someone.

i’m so glad faith asked me to come with her and i was able to have a few new experiences! 🙂

tachevah 2013

this past wednesday was the first annual tachevah concert in palm springs. tacevah is a “block party” type concert set up between the two weekends of coachella. being that it was a free event, it garnered lots of press and attention with the locals. the line up included three local acts and passion pit headlined the concert. i found out from a few coworkers of mine and told my mom about the concert and we decided to go with my sisters, Brandy and Bryce. 

A strange man asked to take a picture of us with my camera….

we got there at the end of the band “you, me, us”. 

next up were the pedestrians! who were an awesome band and had the crowd very hype! 

druing the concert, my sister bryce found out that she was accepted into Georgetown’s summer program! 

now we really had a reason to celebrate!

dj alf alpha rocked the stage and had everyone pumped up! 
Since, I was having so much fun and I was not able to get more pictures during the other sets. I will say I hope Tachevah continues and I will definitely be back next year. 

Salton Sea!

 Last week, my family took a trip to the nearby Salton Sea. My siblings are on spring break so it was the best opportunity to explore new areas that we have never been to. One of my sisters previously did a project on Sonny Bono & his mission to save the Salton Sea. It made the trip even more special seeing what Sonny was trying to save. Along the way, we saw plenty of dead fish, fish bones, & murky water!

My New Obsession: PARTY SKIRTS!

This past Friday at work, I met the cutest ginger (a redhead) named Lauren. While shopping, she tried on one of our dresses, shoes, & worked a clutch into the look. She looked absolutely adorable and I knew she was definitely a fashionable girl. Through us talking while I finished her purchase, she told me about the company she had with her sister called PARTY SKIRTS.

Mariel & Lauren Armstrong

She explained that her mother used to make them skirts when they were younger so they made them into their own phenomenon in Vancouver. (Where they live now!) And I see why… they are so stinkin’ cute! PARTY SKIRTS are high waisted 100% silk skirts that come in various colors for every girl.

Whether your a girly girl or have rocker chic style, PARTY SKIRTS work with all styles. They are a great new staple piece to have in your closet. And I feel an be essential for party (obviously!) and for work. (I definitely need one sent my way! I would rock one non stop.) You can see PARTY SKIRTS at their website skotapparel.com and on twitter & instragram at partyskirts! 
Thanks Lauren! And I wish you & Mariel much success in the future! 

Brooklyn in Paris

Close up of my thanksgiving look.

Shirt: Forever21 Leggings: Karna Zabete for Target Boots: Target Accessories: Forever21

Margiela Inspired Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving we travleled down to San Diego to my Grand dad’s house. Well you know we had to travel in style and this year we took inspiration from fashion house Margiela.

I thought it would be fairly easy to style leather, edgy looks but in the desert (where it’s still 75 degrees) it became a challenge. We wanted to keep everyone fairly in unison with some form of “leather” in everyone’s look.

(starting from the left):
-mom: black tunic & leather leggings
-Brittyn and Brieonni:
Rock & Republic sweaters, which Brittyn wore as tunic with leather leggings from Target and Doc Martin look alikes. While, Brieonni wore the sweater tucked into a Hello Kitty leather skirt from Target and Nine West combat boots.
Bryce: Grey pull over sweater and leather pleated skirt with leather boots.
Brandy: BCBG dress with gunmetal Guess denim jacket and Doc Martens.
Raylee: Skull sweater and LEI skinny jeans with skull vans.
Me: ‘Paris’ blouse from Target with leather leggings from Karna Zabete for Target and cognac boots.

I think everyone was styled to perfection!

(The neighborhood cat wanted to be apart of the picture!)

Happy Halloween!!

This year all the kids went all out for their costumes. In our house, Halloween is treated with as much excitement as Christmas…. It’s that serious! LOL

Starting from the left: Brieonni (Gothic Princess), Bryce (Victorian Vampire), Great Brittyn (Genie), Brandy (Sally from Nightmare before Christmas), Me (Dark Alice in Wonderland), & Fat Fat (Mario!)

I didn’t get close up pictures of everyone, but here are some of Fat, Brandy, & Bryce.

Houndstooth Affair

Today was another day of errands with my mom. It also was official houndstooth day! Yes, I made an official holiday today. I wasn’t even trying to wear all houndstooth today, but it just came together that way.

Shirt: Forever21 (Men’s Section), Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Accessories: Betsey Johnson & Claire’s