a day with the girls!

After a long day at work, my blogger bff Nicole sent me the best text ever “come meet us at the pool”. I was so happy and immediately headed home to change and head to The Riviera.


I met up with Nicole and her friend Chasity at the pool. The pool had fun music and everyone there looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Yes, sometimes I do selfie. Especially when I have gorgeous friends.


After some great pool vibes, I had to check out the gorgeous room Nicole and Chas were staying in for the weekend.

IMG_5499 IMG_5493

I was obsessed with the décor of the room and how much The Riviera has changed. I remember visiting Palm Springs as a kid and it was so outdated. They’ve made it fit perfectly with the midcentury theme of the desert.

IMG_5483 IMG_5490 IMG_5491

The girls invited me to hit dinner with them with two new friends from Miami that they met at the pool. We then met up with Ana (who is also a fashion blogger… small world!) and her high school BF Katie. Katie brought her sweet baby Vienna (I hope I spelled it right). We hit the hot spot Trio and had great girls talk at the table.

IMG_5515 IMG_5516

Such an amazing day with great friends and new friends! Isn’t that what life is all about.

my daycation to santa monica!

this past wednesday, my neighbor faith had a doctor’s appointment in santa monica and asked me to ride along with her. santa monica is about 2 hours away so it’s definitely a long car ride to be by yourself. i’ve never been to santa monica so i was definitely up for the ride. 

 the ride was pretty smooth and we ran into a little traffic once we hit LA… which is expected. check out how my trip went below:

 once we got to the doctor’s office, they informed us that i wouldn’t be able to go beyond the waiting room with faith. i really wanted to be there for her, but i realized my phone was dying so i was going to go hunt for a phone charger. (i can’t live without my phone!) then faith let me know that we weren’t too far from the santa monica pier and to walk down and see the ocean…. i definitely would not turn that down!

along the way, i saw very beach and vintage buildings that embodied the santa monica vibe. 

 i then hit the 3rd street promenade, which is like their outdoor mall and is amazing!!! i found out there was an apple store, but i did snap a few pics of the stores in the promenade.

 after hitting the apple store and paying a million dollars for a iphone charger, i walked down to the pier. it was a beautiful cool day out and it was amazing to see the ocean and clear blue skies.

(the typical santa monica beach-hipter style!)

 on the drive back home, faith told me about this cool restaurant called “the boiling crab” that she frequents with her family. the first thing she told me is that they serve their shrimp with the heads on… i was completely intrigued with the restaurant.

 it’s very similar to bubba gump shrimp, but with more edge and better food… sorry, but true!

when you get to the table, they put white paper on the table and give you a bib.

 we ordered a pound of the shrimp with cajun seasoning and this is how it came. then i realized you have to eat with your hands and can be very messy with the selections here. this definitely is not the type of restaurant you want to come to on your first date with someone.

i’m so glad faith asked me to come with her and i was able to have a few new experiences! 🙂
Another…. STYLE CAP

Once again, I had to choose Val to be my style cap. She always just looks so darn cute. With this look, her overall “boyfriend” combination worked very well on her little frame.

Blazer: Forever 21 ($27.00)
Shirt: Nordstrom Boyfriend Shirt ($20.00)
Jeans: Forever 21 ($20.00)
Shoes: DSW ($30.00)

Lions, Tigers, & Fashionistas! Oh My!
Yesterday I went to the zoo with my mom, my friend shari, & her son David.

Here are David & Fat Fat!

This zebra was probably sleeping, but looked dead… I was a little worried.
Fat Fat looks sooooo big next to David. They are only 1 year & a few months apart.. lol
It was so interesting to observe the gorillas & see how they are so similar to humans.
These two found a new home.

You know I managed to find some fashion at the zoo…
This display showed a boot made out of an endangered species vs. a boot made from man-made material. I think it’s man made all the way!

Seriously, was the zoo trying to sway our shopping decisions????
I think this is the spring collection…

We went to the petting zoo next and the boys loved it.

The last part of our zoo visit was the kiddie train..

Oh, I also got tattoos at the zoo… LOL.

(Those are really stamps from the panda exhibit.)
My brother loved the train!! I think my mom was having a little more fun than him on the ride.
I liked the ride too, until I realized we paid $7.50 for a 3 minute ride….
Fat Fat had to ride the carousel also.
Then we headed out! It was a very fun day with Shari & David with a little fashion involved.
Before heading home, we made a stop to Target. I got a spring/summer essential: The Floppy Hat.
It was only $12.00. You know i’m a fashionista on a budget!
Style Cap: Lisa Flynn
So this is my customer Lisa who is absolutely ADORABLE. She always reminds of an OC Housewife.
I saw her at work on Saturday and as you can see, I had to use her for my style cap.

Her cardigan is from the Nordstrom BP department, the rest of the outfit is from “Private Gallery” in Alpharetta, GA. Super cute. Go see the manager Jo if you go to Private Gallery, they always dress Lisa there. Their obviously doing a good job.

Had to do close up’s of the accessories, especially that purse. I loved it. It was the perfect little size and can definitely be dressed up & down.

When I asked what was the inspiration for her look.. she said that she wanted to bring in spring & be “sunshiney” with the bright colors. Well you definitely achieved your goal, girl!
Thanks Lisa!
A Trapped Fashionista EXCLUSIVE!!!!
Remember the “preview” I put up a few weeks ago for the freestyles that SUBMiT & Pharoh did for The Trapped Fashionista? Well HERE IT IS!!! Check it out.

Pharoh and SUBMiT, a Freestyle from Abijeet Achar on Vimeo.

Just another day at work for me…
Every true fashionista has had to take a fashion risk. Some succeed and some fail… miserably.

Well this past Saturday I had the opportunity to lead “Story Time” at my job and I was FORCED to wear that wonderful hat you see above. I feel I pulled it off pretty well, but you tell me what you think!
Here was our “Story Time” set up after the kiddies left. Cute, right? I know kids don’t have real attention spans, but I really had to bring out the tricks to keep these kids in tune with me.
While at work, I spotted this young “fashionista in the making” rocking these rodent inspired flats. I know this will definitely be on the runway next fall. I thought they were cute as a button! LOL.
Also, I found to have one of my coworkers from a different department named Zarielle be my Style Cap for the day.

Dress: Forever 21
Hoisery: Nordstrom
Shoes: Steve Madden -from Dillards
When asked about the inspiration, she explained the look came about after a waldrobe malfunction. The skirt she had on before wasn’t working with the hoisery and the shirt was dirty. It started as a waldrobe mistake & turned into a success. Thanks Zarielle!
Bowling,Movies, & Batteries…
This past Thursday I hung out my friend Tarrance again. We started the day off wanting to go bowling, but for the SECOND time we got turned away from the bowling alley. This time it was because someone rented out the ENTIRE bowling alley from 5:30-9:30…. I know. It’s sounds crazy.
Then we were on the go for new plans….

Tarrance was feeling himself that day…
Had to get one with the both of us. We ended up going to Fork & Screen in Buckhead to see I Am Number Four. Which was actually VERY good. I would recommend every go see it. After the movie, We went to Atlantic Station to get ice cream.
Also Tarrance got a new car.
Her name is “Bernadean”.

Here is Tarrance’s “Look of the day”:

Shirt- Walmart
Cardigan- Gap
Pants- Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo
Hat: Forever 21
His inspiration for the day was that we wake up and was feeling awesome. He wanted to dress up (for me), but didn’t want to over dress for the occassion.
Here’s my look:
Shirt- Nordstrom
Vest: Forever 21
Jeans- Forever 21
Shoes- Nike
If you notice, Tarrance & I were somewhat matching with our gray cardigans and vests.
We made a quick trip to Publix and sat down to eat our ice cream. It was a really nice night out.
Then, Tarrance dropped me off at home. I was in the house about 5 minutes when I got a text from him saying his car battery had died. So me and my dad hopped in the hummer and took the portable “jump” to him. After putting the cables on his battery for a minutes, the car started back up and we headed back home. We were just turning into our street when he called and said the car had died again….
We headed back down the street to see what we could do now. They spent a lot of time talking car language to each other while I looked on confused. After about 10 minutes, my dad let him take the portable jump with him and we headed back home. Let’s just say after all that, it was a long night for Tarrance, because he didn’t make it back home until about 3 am.
All just to hang with the trapped fashionista…
My weekend with Tarrance…
I hung out with my buddy Tarrance almost all weekend. On Saturday, we reunited and went to Atlantic Station for sushi & bowling. Fun, right?
So first we went to Geisha House for sushi which was yummmyyyy.
Here’s what Tarrance got:

and I got this:
The ambiance of the restaurant was very swank and almost felt like we not in Atlanta. I would suggest everyone check out Geisha House in Atlantic Station.

We decided to take a few shots before heading to bowling… BUUUUUT, When we got there it was full. So we opted to going and seeing “The Little Fockers”. Overall, It was a fun fun night.
Now Sunday night, we went to Cascade to go skating.
WOOOOO… It was a workout. I had a great time.
I got a shot of Tarrance, while I was skating…. Like a BOSS!

But he couldn’t get one of me. -____-
I had a wonderful weekend with my buddy Tarrance. 🙂
Teaching my brother how to do it right!!

On a recent trip to the movie theater, I decided to show my brother how to protect himself!

Here are all the kiddies!