tachevah 2013

this past wednesday was the first annual tachevah concert in palm springs. tacevah is a “block party” type concert set up between the two weekends of coachella. being that it was a free event, it garnered lots of press and attention with the locals. the line up included three local acts and passion pit headlined the concert. i found out from a few coworkers of mine and told my mom about the concert and we decided to go with my sisters, Brandy and Bryce. 

A strange man asked to take a picture of us with my camera….

we got there at the end of the band “you, me, us”. 

next up were the pedestrians! who were an awesome band and had the crowd very hype! 

druing the concert, my sister bryce found out that she was accepted into Georgetown’s summer program! 

now we really had a reason to celebrate!

dj alf alpha rocked the stage and had everyone pumped up! 
Since, I was having so much fun and I was not able to get more pictures during the other sets. I will say I hope Tachevah continues and I will definitely be back next year. 

Kate Spade Style

” true style comes when you follow your own rules” -kate spade

Since working at Kate Spade, I feel my personal style changing more & more everyday. It has truly opened me back into the world that fashion can be fun and that I can play with my style by adding in kate spade elements, but still keep my crisp aesthetic. I’ve never been much of a “girly girl”, but now I have slowly become more girly and mature myself in that way. (I bought my first make up case last week & bought make up to go in it! lol)

Over the past few weeks, I have been pairing looks on myself and really getting a feel for what Kate Spade is all about. I now have a few items I am definitely adding into my wish list for the year! A few tips I have learned to start implementing:

  • belting dresses- always a great way to accentuate your waistline & add extra flair to any dress
  • mix prints- don’t be afraid to do it! you will either look super crazy and fashionable or just plain fashionable
  • layering tops with dresses- it’s a new trend i will definitely be trying, but something very fun for work & play. 
  • always throw on heels- whether you have on a dress, slacks, or just jeans with a tee. you can put heels on for any occasion
  • have fun with your accessories! adding a statement necklace or a few bracelets never hurt anyone! 
  • just have fun & skirt the rules! 

Here are a few of the looks I have put together:

2013 Grammys!

Sunday night marked the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and what a night it was. The night was full of great performances, celebrities, & awards given out. Here are a preview of the night’s biggest winners:

Adele came looking very english and adorable on Sunday night. I was very much a fan of her look for the night! She won one of the first awards of the show with Best Pop Solo Performance.

Kelly Clarkson (one of the funniest artists..did you see her acceptance speech?) won Best Pop Vocal Album! Which I can only imagine her is such a whirlwind to go from being on American Idol to winning Grammy awards.

Best Country Solo Performance went to Miss Carrie Underwood! She looked darling in her Roberto Cavalli gown that fit her curves just right. She also gave a powerful performance in an interactive dress… interesting, right? 
Beyonce won her 17th grammy award for Best Traditional R&B Performance for her record, “Love On Top”. So happy for BaddieBey! While she only took home one, her hubby took home three awards on Sunday. One for Best Rap Performance, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, & lastly for Best Rap Song

 Drake won Best Rap Album, which was a great accomplish for him. I was also rooting for Nas, because he is a legend in hip hop and has yet to receive a Grammy.

 Everyone’s most anticapted winner for the night Frank Ocean won for Best Urban Contemporary Album. He also won a Grammy for his part on “No Church in the Wild” with Jay Z, Kanye, & The Dream.

 Gotye: Best Alternative Music Album &  Best Pop Duo / Group Performance with Kimbra! I know everyone and their mom has listened and loved, “Somebody that I Used to Know”… so it was great to see Gotye & Kimbra win big at the awards. It was beautiful to see Kimbra’s reaction to winning Record of the Year with Prince presenting the award. Such an honor!

I kept my fingers crossed for fun. and they did win Best New Artist! Congrats to them and their awards, because they also won Song of the Year

Mumford & Sons won big with Album of the Year, which is a wonderful accomplishment of the band.

I wish all the winners much more success and Grammy awards in the future!

Grammy’s 2013 Nominees: May the odds be forever in your favor!

The biggest day for the music industry will take place in five days, The Grammys! Often deemed the “Superbowl Sunday” for music, the grammys are the night for everyone in music to celebrate. The biggest question is always: Who will win? And with every category, you sit on pins and needles watching to see if your favorite artists name is called. Then, you can gleam in glory.

This year Pepsi is sponsoring the category for Best New Artist:


Alabama Shakes:

Can I say I am sooo obsessed with Alabama Shakes? I wasn’t very knowledgeable in all their music prior to their Grammy nomination, but after a few hours of research (aka googling and searching them on youtube) I can say I was instantly a fan! They have a very raw and soulful influence, yet still have the presence of a rock band. Fashion wise, the Alabama Shakes seem not to be the most fashion forward but being that Brittany’s voice is so powerful that’s the last of their worries. The lead singer, Brittany Howard, has such a distinctive and strong voice. She will be forever remembered and has been compared to greats like, Janis Joplin. Alabama Shakes are also nominated for Best Rock Performance and Best Rap Album.

Fun. :

Fun. Fun. Fun. What can I say? The second I heard, “We are Young” I was instantly taken into their world through their music. They have a very cool, hipster style when you see them and their music gives you a rock hispter sound. The music they make is always unique with the voice of Nate Ruess. Fun. may be taking over the grammys this year with six nominations. I have my fingers crossed for Fun. ,because they are up against some really heavy hitting acts. (Oh, and it’s so not weird putting a period on the end of fun every time I type it!)

Hunter Hayes:

Hunter Hayes is the next country heartthrob. When I googled him, there were a million fan sites of girls who are wooing over his fresh, new sound. He has a very clean and commercial friendly look that fit his music style. He has a great country sound that still has pop appeal. I would label him the male Taylor Swift. Which clearly is compliment, because she has won six Grammys and is nominated for three this year.

The Lumineers:

You may not know it, but you have definitely heard The Lumineers before. The hit song, “Hey Ho!” is a very popular hit that has been in many commercials and on the radio frequently. The Lumineers give me a Swedish yodelers vibe with their clean, iconic style. They are a modern folk rock band and their success has shown the growing appeal of folk music.

Frank Ocean: 

If you haven’t heard of Frank Ocean, you have been living under a very big rock for the past few years. With hits like, “Novocane” and “Pyramids” Ocean has played on your computer, radio, or ipod for sure. He has begun to redefine R&B music with his fuse of tech/indie elements added with classic R&B influences. The true definition of a new artist that has definitely blown up over a short period of time.

Personally, I am hoping for Fun. or Alabama Shakes because I feel they show a great diversity to the music industry. I know Frank Ocean is a favorite pick to win, but anyway it goes all of the artists are very deserving.

Next post I will go over the biggest award… Record of the Year!
Feel free to check out thetrappedfashionista.com and comment on who you think will win!

Kate Spade Resort Collection

This month’s “new arrivals” from Kate Spade are the 1930’s, Art Deco inspired Resort Collection. The pattern for the month is “Birds Over Arches” which you can see through out the collection on phones cases, ipad sleeves, purses, clothing, and cosmetic bags. The collection is prevalent with light blue, navy, and cream. Very great for your winter vacation to somewhere warm in the world.

My favorite picks:

‘Matty Dress’ -$398

”Birds Georgette Dress’-$398

‘Deco Lora Dress’-$398

‘Deco Felicity Top’-$278

‘Enoki Prudence Top’-$228

‘Barry Skirt’-$258

Green Sweaters & Bright Smiles

Shirt: Target Sweater: H&M Jeans: Jolt Jeans Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target Accessories: Kate Spade & Betsey Johnson

Zebra Rings & Bright Things

I started my seasonal position at Kate Spade and I have been trying to really become a Kate Spade girl with my style. I don’t own any skirts (weird, i know!) so I tried on my sisters skirt from the Target kids department. I tried it on with a long shot and it actually fit!

I paired the patterned with a chambray and bright jewelry to tie in with the skirt. To keep the shoes neutral, I wore my black Sam Edelman flats. I thought the look fit in with Kate Spade’s love for color and girly fashion.

Shirt: Target Skirt: Target Shoes: Sam Edelman Accessories: Target,Forever21,& Claires

Polka Dots & Politcis

Yesterday was an exciting today for two reasons: it was my first time voting & it was my second day at my new job. To stay in the spirit, I brought out my new polka dot cardigan from Target with my black zara pants and loafers.

Sweater: Target Pants: Zara Shoes: Can’t remember Accessories: Forever21

The Dark Side of Alice in Wonderland

This year I couldn’t really find inspiration for my Halloween costume. Then I remembered that my sister Brandy had this costume left over from MoMoCon Convention. So the day of Halloween I chose to wear the dress. Only thing is we didn’t really know what the costume was…

So I called a brainstorming session with Brandy and we thought up “The Gothic Alice” from Alice in Wonderland! My mom did my make up and we did an exaggerated lip like the Cheshire lip & the joker.

How did I do as “The Gothic Alice”?

Happy Halloween!!

This year all the kids went all out for their costumes. In our house, Halloween is treated with as much excitement as Christmas…. It’s that serious! LOL

Starting from the left: Brieonni (Gothic Princess), Bryce (Victorian Vampire), Great Brittyn (Genie), Brandy (Sally from Nightmare before Christmas), Me (Dark Alice in Wonderland), & Fat Fat (Mario!)

I didn’t get close up pictures of everyone, but here are some of Fat, Brandy, & Bryce.