8 days of giving!

For the next eight days, I will be featuring eight perfect gifting items just in time for Christmas! And on Christmas I will be doing a giveaway via my instagram! @trappednfashion

Day One: Kate Spade Gum Drops

The ultimate gift bag!

I don’t think you’ve seen a gift bag until you’ve seen the one i recieved at LuckyFABB…It had to weigh 30 pounds. It was so hard walking back to my hotel…LORD! Once I got there and saw all the goodies, it was well worth it! 
Look at all of that! To show everything I broke it down into categories! 
Jewelry & Accessories: 


Look forward to reviews & maybe some giveaways….soon! 

8 days to Valentines Day: Fashion Countdown!

Now is the time to get your look together for your hot date next week! For the next eight days, I will chose a store and style an entire look from there. Today’s choice is: CUSP! I personally love the edgy and fashion forward pieces CUSP always has. CUSP is definitely for the girl who has her head in a fashion magazine all the time and who’s dream date is to a very swanky restaurant.

Here are my picks:

BCBGMAXAZRIA Fitted Colobrlock Dress: $228

Rachel Zoe ‘Evelyn’ Degrade-Heeled Sandal: $395

DVF ‘Carolina Lips Clutch’: $345

Dogeared ‘Gold Heart’ Earrings: $40

Beats by Oscar De La Renta…

Oscar De La Renta, collaborated with Dr. dre for these exclusive “luxe silver fox” versions of the Beats by Dre earphones. Since they are special edition, they are priced at $695…

Do you think it’s worth the price? Or are you paying for expensive ear muffs?

I think they are the cutest earphones for a fashionista NOT on a budget. I wonder if the fox are detatchable… No one wants fur on their ears in the summertime, right?

Style Cap: Color Blocking

“Color Blocking” is very big fashion trend as of right now. On my last trip to Goodwill, I found this crazy colored striped Jones New York shirt. My mom kept telling me the shirt was ugly, but I saw so much fashion potential.

I paired the shirt with green skinny jeans from Target, which actually were my sister Brandy’s christmas present. LOL.
For accessories, I paired it with black cross earrings from Forever 21 & black and red bangles.

My outfit could’ve gone for a tribute to the late 80s/90s too, right?

How did I pull off my color block inspired look?

xoxo, TTF.

Christmas 2011

I feel the older you get the less the presents mean to you for Christmas. I really enjoy watching the excitement my siblings get opening their gifts. Well, my family decided to do “Secret Santa” within the family and my gift from my S.S. were three bags of watermelon sour patch kids (exactly what I asked for (-: ) and a houndstooth scarf.. My S.S. did a great job on my gift! I was very happy with that and watched everyone open their gifts.

During that time, my mom disappeared for a little while as we start to clean away some of the wrapping paper. She came back downstairs with her hands behind her back, she tells me since im the oldest she wanted to give me a nice gift of quality… and hands me an orange Hermes bag from around her back. It’s somewhat a blur of what happened at that point, but im pretty sure there was some screaming & maybe jumping involved.
It took me a few minutes to actually open the box, but when I did I opened it to the ‘H’ Hermes cuff… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

What’s crazy is that I was just on the Hermes website with my mom a few nights ago looking at all of the accessories… I am beyond words of thanks to my parents for such a wonderful. It’s only the start to my Hermes collection. 🙂

I also got myself a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s… not the spiked pair that I put on my Christmas list, but the pair that I feel embodied me more.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with the people that mean the most to them! 🙂

I will post more of the holiday fun later… Stay tuned!

xoxo, TTF

Denim boxers?

The lovely designers at DSquared have designed these boxer briefs that look like manly daisy dukes?… Not sure if that was the look they were going for, but this picture definitely gives me a laugh.

The price is no joke though, $560. Yikes!

Dear Diary? My shopping day at work.

This past weekend, We had a special employee shopping day where we got 30% off all of our purchases. I definitely used it to my advantage… I purchased lots of great classic pieces to add to my wardrobe.

1 & 2- Nike plaid print running short & yoga capris. Both pieces were on sale and were definitely needed for working out & going to yoga.

3- Kate Spade ‘Nellie’ Dress. This was the puchased tht I had to really think about being that the dress was $395, even though I did have my 30%. I never had spent tht much a dress before, but the quality of the dress was so nice that it would be a wonderful investment.

4- Frenchi Peter Pan Blouse. This shirt was giving me such a Chanel feel.. I couldn’t resist purchasing it. I’m thinking about purchasing a second shirt.

I also purchased a pair of black slacks, the camel colored skirt that was featured in my last style cap, & the matching nike sports tank top to my shorts & capris.

10 Holiday Gifts under $30

It’s this time of year to buy gifts for everyone. Here are 10 cute, fun, or fashionable gifts… 8 of the gifts are available on fred flare and the last two are available at Nordstrom.

Minnie Mouse Wallet- $24.99

Hello Kitty Earring Pack- $18


Diamond bottle opener- $12

This is a the best bottle opener for a fashionista.

Jelly Lens iPhone Filters- $10

For ten dollars, who wouldn’t want different filters for their photos…. So cool!

Grafitti Cocktail Shaker- $30

This is clearly for the 21 & up readers, but I thought this was soooo cool. This would be a great for anyone who’s a frequent drinker… and like grafitti.

Brass Knuckle Mug- $20

Fashion Origami- $12

Very cute for a low price point.

Kate Spade Mug- $20

Very cute & classic.

Titanium Diver Watch- $18

Very cute watch, definitely for the price!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Holidays!

Xoxo, TTF

My personal christmas list… for 2010
1. Canon Rebel Xs Eos (about $500…. eeeek!)

Now I have the body of an Canon Eos… but it’s just too large & I want to be able to record video… So Canon Rebel it is. Too bad its wayyyy out of my budget.. one day!

2. Hello Kitty Sewing Machine ($130.00)OMMMMGGGG!! Soooo cute. I have a sewing machine.. that is now broken. I really need to get a new one and get back on my sewing. This is great inspiration, right? LOL. I think I like it more, because its Hello Kitty.
3. NYC Pillow ($34.00)
My name is BROOKLYN… I’m moving to NEW YORK… Shouldn’t I have pillows that represent that? LOL. I think these pillows are absolutely adorable. These will definitely be in my apartment in NYC!!
4. Filigree Jewelry Hanger… ($24.00)
This is probably one of the few things on my list that I actually NEED. My jewelry is getting tangled as I type this. I saw this on Urban Outfitters online and it comes in black. I believe I’m just going to order this for myself.
Okay, thats it.