beyonce makes a new clothing line?

nope! it’s actually her mrs. carter world tour merchandise. all of the pieces can be purchased on her online store here.

i love the way the t shirts give a new vision for tour merchandise. they have givenchy inspiration and are styled into very fashion forward looks.

check them out below!

Paris & Plaid

Today Brittyn had an award ceremony at her school for Honor Roll. I wanted to bring out a piece in my closet that I hadn’t worn in awhile and I chose my plaid high waisted shorts. I thrifted these shorts last year and love the classic look to them.

I wanted to give them more of a dark look and pair my shorts with my ‘PARIS’ top that I wore on thanksgiving. Since the top of the waistline is covered by the top, I ended up pulling off a rocker tomboy look.

Shirt: Forever21 Shorts: Thrifted Boots: Vera Wang Accessories: Foreve21

Kanye 12-12-12 Controversy: Kilt or Skirt?

Yesterday, Kanye performed at the 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert and had social media in a fury with his fashion choice for the night. Kanye wore a Pyrex Vision sweatshirt and Givenchy mens’ leather kilt and leather pants. Kanye’s fashion combo seemed to have to have all of America puzzled as to if it was truly a kilt or if he borrowed a piece from Kim Kardashian’s closet.

Now with any ounce of fashion common sense, you would already know that he does have a kilt on. Like I previously stated, the kilt/leather pants combo is from the Givenchy Fall 2012 menswear collection. In my opinion, in 2012 kilts for men shouldn’t even be a controversial conversation. They have cultural origins and have become a mens fashion essential to show off your fashion sense.


Brooklyn in Paris

Close up of my thanksgiving look.

Shirt: Forever21 Leggings: Karna Zabete for Target Boots: Target Accessories: Forever21

Givenchy x H&M?

When I saw this image floating around yesterday, my first reaction was, “Noooooo!”. As much as I have love fashion collaboration, the H&M collaborations have all been great. I’m afraid they will become over saturated. Which is why I was glad to hear the rumor of Givenchy x H&M is false…at least for now.