The Dark Side of Alice in Wonderland

This year I couldn’t really find inspiration for my Halloween costume. Then I remembered that my sister Brandy had this costume left over from MoMoCon Convention. So the day of Halloween I chose to wear the dress. Only thing is we didn’t really know what the costume was…

So I called a brainstorming session with Brandy and we thought up “The Gothic Alice” from Alice in Wonderland! My mom did my make up and we did an exaggerated lip like the Cheshire lip & the joker.

How did I do as “The Gothic Alice”?

Happy Halloween!!

This year all the kids went all out for their costumes. In our house, Halloween is treated with as much excitement as Christmas…. It’s that serious! LOL

Starting from the left: Brieonni (Gothic Princess), Bryce (Victorian Vampire), Great Brittyn (Genie), Brandy (Sally from Nightmare before Christmas), Me (Dark Alice in Wonderland), & Fat Fat (Mario!)

I didn’t get close up pictures of everyone, but here are some of Fat, Brandy, & Bryce.

Houndstooth Affair

Today was another day of errands with my mom. It also was official houndstooth day! Yes, I made an official holiday today. I wasn’t even trying to wear all houndstooth today, but it just came together that way.

Shirt: Forever21 (Men’s Section), Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Accessories: Betsey Johnson & Claire’s

Nine Halloween Themed Nail Designs

Halloween is in eight days and its the season for themed nails. The perfect addition to your costume or halloween look is to bring halloween to your nails as well.

Here are nine Halloween nail designs and a few nail tutorials below:

Candy Corn Nails:

Skulls Nails:

Bloody Nails:

Fashion Halloween

I know when I search for a halloween look based off my favorite celebrity looks. Then end up going to Party City for a costume out of a bag. Well this year, I decided to give you four celebrity looks that you can make into any halloween look…and use the pieces after halloween.

(Early) Happy Halloween!!!
So today my family decided to take our usual LAST minute trip to Party City for costumes. Were sooo smart we came at rush hour with all the soccer moms & confused dads. ugh!
While I waited for them to pick out their costumes. I went down the “accessories” aisle to assemble my costume. I’m going to be a doctor/nurse.. whichever I feel like that day. While grabbing my stethoscope, I stumbled across this. . .

1. Home Girl?? Who still uses this term?

2. I didn’t open the bag, but I’m intrigued to know if the wig comes with the slicked sides & edges or just the curly semi mohawk?
3. Is this racist?
4. Why does she have dangling nameplate earrings??
As we were getting ready to check out, I used my family members for a mini photo shoot in the hat section. . .

Oh. . . and today I took the lazy route & I’m going with the cute “lumberjackette” look.
“lumberjackette:… I thought was cute! hahahaha
**Sorry if the photos are a gritty, they were taken on my phone.**