My Holiday Wishlist

Happy Holidays guys! It’s that time of year…my holiday wishlist!! This year is all about things that are NEEDS (with a few wants). I have all the links below to everything on my wishlist. And to anyone who knows me personally…feel free to ship me anything you want from this list… 🙂

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Where is my wish list?

Typically, I get very excited during the holiday season to post my “wish list” for Christmas, but this year I couldn’t even muster up fake enthusiasm to put a post about what i WANTED this year. Honestly, as you get older Christmas because less fun to see what presents under the tree, but more stressful to realize the year is almost done and the cost of all the presents you have to buy. I wish I could say there is a bag, shoe, or some jewelry that would make my heart jump but no. I don’t want for this season, but I aspire for much greater than what a material item can bring me. I want to take this season to give to others rather than myself and adjust myself for a new start! I also I wish to inspire all of you to do the same and not get caught into the propaganda of the season….Happy Holidays!

Day Three: 8 days of gifting!

Forever21 stole day three with these cute cosmetic bags! nothing better than polka dots and cute quotes! 

Christmas Themed Nails

‘Tis the season for nails that match your holiday spirit. Here are a few nail designs that will inspire you to design your own nails. I know I will be adding a holiday theme to my own nails. 

Christmas Trees and White Tees.

I kept things pretty simple on Friday when we were looking for our christmas tree & decorating it. A white t shirt and jeans is always a classic and simple look,which is why I paired it with my Nike Griffeys.

(My sister Brieonni was trying to run through my picture!)

Shirt: H&M Jeans: Jolt Jeans Shoes: Nike Accessories: Forever 21

Holiday Style: Pajamas

During the holidays, the time shared with family and the presents are the most important factors. Just important are the pajamas you wear on Christmas, because you are being photographed and you have to always look like you just rolled out of bed….in chic and fun pajamas.

Here are a few styles that are comfy, chic, and fun pajamas styles:

Steve Madden ‘Cozy Up’ Thermal PJ’S: $58

Thermals are always comfortable and if you are in a cold area you can still use them underneath your clothing.

Nick & Nora Footie Pajamas: $24.99

I love one piece footie pajamas! They are so fun and make you feel like a kid again…one problem is that you can get really hot in them during the night.

Victoria’s Secret Flannel Pajamas: $39.50

Flannel Pajamas are always a classic style. And to add extra fun, you can always add a fun printed tank top under your flannel shirt and leave it unbuttoned.

Our 2012 Christmas Tree

This Christmas we brought a real tree from a family from Oregon who sells trees. They grow the trees all year in Oregon, then travel to Palm Desert to sell them. Since they were family grown, we were glad we could help them out.

They even had some sprayed white, incase you want a white christmas.

After we got the tree tied up to the Hummer, we brought it home and then it was time to decorate!

The theme for this years tree was to have a color blocked tree. My mother and I wanted to tie fashion into our tree. We decided to make the tree on trend with color block and found these great ornaments from Target.

Only problem is, we had to tie the hook on every ornament. Which took up a substantial amount of time…. We ended up making another trip to Target to buy hooks.

Then came the fun part…. the DECORATING! First, we had to string all of the lights.

Then came the ornaments, we started with red.

Next, the pink ornaments.

Then came the purple ornaments.

After purple, came blue.

Last, we added the green ornaments on the bottom.

Merry Christmas!

Kate Spade Resort Collection

This month’s “new arrivals” from Kate Spade are the 1930’s, Art Deco inspired Resort Collection. The pattern for the month is “Birds Over Arches” which you can see through out the collection on phones cases, ipad sleeves, purses, clothing, and cosmetic bags. The collection is prevalent with light blue, navy, and cream. Very great for your winter vacation to somewhere warm in the world.

My favorite picks:

‘Matty Dress’ -$398

”Birds Georgette Dress’-$398

‘Deco Lora Dress’-$398

‘Deco Felicity Top’-$278

‘Enoki Prudence Top’-$228

‘Barry Skirt’-$258

The Dark Side of Alice in Wonderland

This year I couldn’t really find inspiration for my Halloween costume. Then I remembered that my sister Brandy had this costume left over from MoMoCon Convention. So the day of Halloween I chose to wear the dress. Only thing is we didn’t really know what the costume was…

So I called a brainstorming session with Brandy and we thought up “The Gothic Alice” from Alice in Wonderland! My mom did my make up and we did an exaggerated lip like the Cheshire lip & the joker.

How did I do as “The Gothic Alice”?