Style Boost by June Ambrose

Fashion stylist, June Ambrose, recently started a web series on Life + Times. It’s titled, “Style Boost by June Ambrose”…

Here is the first episode, where June makes over a Life + Times intern!

Justin Timberlake: 20/20 Experience and Grammy

 I feel my whole childhood coming back to me when I listen to, “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake. I remember listening to NSYNC back in the day and fantasizing about meeting him one day. Now here he is married (*sigh*) finally releasing another album with a hit single after a six year hiatus.

Justin will also be performing on Sunday at the Grammy Awards. This will be his first Grammy performance in four years! Do you think he will be doing a melody of his old hits? Just ‘Suit & Tie’ with Jay-Z? OMG! Maybe a NSYNC reunion??? Oh, the possibilities!

 With his new life as a married man, I love the suave clean, cut look that Justin is giving now. Justin has come a long way from the early on curly NSYNC era look and the shaved, rugged look from Futuresex/Lovesounds Era. Justin now has his hair straight and slicked back and he keeps his suit and tie very fresh! “As long as [he] has [his] Suit & Tie”, right? He has clearly been inspired by the 60’s and 70’s through his music now and I am excited for what the future holds for JT!


Trashy or Classy? First Edition…. Jessica White

Model, Jessica White, wore this white sheer lace jumpsuit… Yes, I said a “white sheer lace jumpsuit” to Jay-Z’s Carnegie Hall performance. 

 I am all for looking unique and having a style of your own. This look is something else to say the least. Please take the poll below and vote on if the look is “Trashy or Classy”?