fall trend: winter neutrals

since coming out of her post pregnancy hibernation, kim kardashian has been showing a clear trend with her wardrobe: neutrals. while during her pregnancy, she seemed to only wear black now for fall she has moved into lighter neutral looks. 

 commonly, she has worn a camel colored coat with variations of white or light brown looks underneath. i actually feel it is a very refreshing look for her. especially with the blond hair, it brightens her back up.

Kanye 12-12-12 Controversy: Kilt or Skirt?

Yesterday, Kanye performed at the 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert and had social media in a fury with his fashion choice for the night. Kanye wore a Pyrex Vision sweatshirt and Givenchy mens’ leather kilt and leather pants. Kanye’s fashion combo seemed to have to have all of America puzzled as to if it was truly a kilt or if he borrowed a piece from Kim Kardashian’s closet.

Now with any ounce of fashion common sense, you would already know that he does have a kilt on. Like I previously stated, the kilt/leather pants combo is from the Givenchy Fall 2012 menswear collection. In my opinion, in 2012 kilts for men shouldn’t even be a controversial conversation. They have cultural origins and have become a mens fashion essential to show off your fashion sense.


Style Debate: Kim Kardashian Pre Kanye or Post Kanye

Since the public display of paparazzi affection between Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West, there has been a major change in Kim’s style. Obviously Kanye influenced, Kim went from fun, cali flirty style to dark high fashion.

Now the debate is: Do you like Kim’s style before Kanye or after Kanye?

Kim before KimYe began:

After KimYe:

Post your thoughts in the comments!!

Hot, Sizzling!!

Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing this Alexander McQueen dress. (I believe…)

I am so not a fan of her, but her body & this dress is straight F I R E! I really would like to wear this for like an hour.

Kim & Courtney decided to play dress up & go for a walk in the park!!

I recently saw this picture of two of the Kardashian sisters in Central
Park and I’m guessing it was for a photo shoot. Knowing how they are, it could’ve been merely for some press. Who knows.. They look really cute. I’m more a fan of Kourtney’s look… Kim actually looks a little plump to me! What do you think?