Eva & Eva

Now that title was sang like the “sister, sister” theme song. Remember that show? Anyways… Eva Chen thrn brought out Eva Mendes. Yes, Eva Mendes!! 

She is sooooo beautiful, it’s almost ridiculous! She really reminds me of Sophia Loren. Which is funny, because she mentioned that she is most inspired by 50/60’s stars. she gave great insight about herself and gave us some sneak peeks of her NY&Company collaboration. (Which is what she was wearing…)  
The funniest moment is when Eva (Chen) aked Eva (Mendes) about her favorite accessory and she said she’s loving scarfs. So she asked the crowd if anyone had a scarf and gave us a tutorial of how she typically ties her scarf. 

The ultimate gift bag!

I don’t think you’ve seen a gift bag until you’ve seen the one i recieved at LuckyFABB…It had to weigh 30 pounds. It was so hard walking back to my hotel…LORD! Once I got there and saw all the goodies, it was well worth it! 
Look at all of that! To show everything I broke it down into categories! 
Jewelry & Accessories: 


Look forward to reviews & maybe some giveaways….soon! 

Who says fashion girls don’t eat?

this was lunch LuckyFABB style! we were given these adorable take out boxes that had various salads in them. i chose the tex mex salad that was super yummy! 

Lucky Fabb NYC Opening

Can we just call this chic fabb? everyone looked so amazing and chic, i was mesmerzied! we started the day with an opening keynote by EIC Eva Chen! It was so inspiring hearing her story. 
Eva Chen wearing a vintage dkny turtleneck, marc jacobs dress, & topshop shoe.

Countdown to Lucky Fabb: 4 days!

OMGGGGGG… Four days until Lucky freakin’ Fabb y’all! I am beyond excited for this trip, because in addition to Lucky Fabb i’ll be meeting with the ladies who are over the shop stylist program at Kate Spade! *cues “i’m so excited!” * Along with many more business related meetings, I will be giving everyone a full run down of my trip with quick snapshots throughout my journey!

For now, my time has become occupied with PACKING! Going on trips are fun, until it’s time to pack. The fabulous outfits have planned are not seeming as fun trying to stuff them into a suitcase! Check out my sneaks on my main looks for the trip: 

Countdown to Lucky Fabb: 20 Days!

Ahhhh…It’s October 4th so that means only 20 more days until the first day of Lucky Fabb! I am so excited for this trip to NYC to meet and connect with all the various participates. Also, to meet some of my kate spade family and also to have a few business meetings. Wooo…This is going to be a busy trip!
I will be doing a countdown each week with a little preview into my preparation into the trip. My main focus right now is getting all my looks together and working out A LOT!!!

As i type this, I am headed out the gym to get a morning workout in before work! YAY! So excited to show you all the looks I have up my sleeve…:)

My prep list for Lucky FABB!

Now that I’ve been accepted into Lucky FABB…it’s time to prep for the big trip! Here’s my to do list for NYC: 

  • buy my conference ticket! 
  • flight/hotel ticket!
  • get my looks together!
  • workout everyday to looks fabb for LUCKY FABB!
  • connect with fellow bloggers to meet during the conference. 

NYC, Here I Come!!

I’m so excited to announce that i have been accepted/invited to Lucky Magazine’s LuckyFABB Conference! Ahhhhhh….yes, Lucky Magazine wants me (among other bloggers) to come to their conference. So I will be headed to NYC next month…which is my favorite place on earth! Now it’s time to start planning my outfits.