Countdown to Lucky Fabb: 4 days!

OMGGGGGG… Four days until Lucky freakin’ Fabb y’all! I am beyond excited for this trip, because in addition to Lucky Fabb i’ll be meeting with the ladies who are over the shop stylist program at Kate Spade! *cues “i’m so excited!” * Along with many more business related meetings, I will be giving everyone a full run down of my trip with quick snapshots throughout my journey!

For now, my time has become occupied with PACKING! Going on trips are fun, until it’s time to pack. The fabulous outfits have planned are not seeming as fun trying to stuff them into a suitcase! Check out my sneaks on my main looks for the trip: 

Countdown to Lucky Fabb: 20 Days!

Ahhhh…It’s October 4th so that means only 20 more days until the first day of Lucky Fabb! I am so excited for this trip to NYC to meet and connect with all the various participates. Also, to meet some of my kate spade family and also to have a few business meetings. Wooo…This is going to be a busy trip!
I will be doing a countdown each week with a little preview into my preparation into the trip. My main focus right now is getting all my looks together and working out A LOT!!!

As i type this, I am headed out the gym to get a morning workout in before work! YAY! So excited to show you all the looks I have up my sleeve…:)

My prep list for Lucky FABB!

Now that I’ve been accepted into Lucky FABB…it’s time to prep for the big trip! Here’s my to do list for NYC: 

  • buy my conference ticket! 
  • flight/hotel ticket!
  • get my looks together!
  • workout everyday to looks fabb for LUCKY FABB!
  • connect with fellow bloggers to meet during the conference. 

NYC, Here I Come!!

I’m so excited to announce that i have been accepted/invited to Lucky Magazine’s LuckyFABB Conference! Ahhhhhh….yes, Lucky Magazine wants me (among other bloggers) to come to their conference. So I will be headed to NYC next month…which is my favorite place on earth! Now it’s time to start planning my outfits. 

the great debate: ny vs. la

i have now come into that stage of life where i am at a cross road. as i previously stated, i am looking to finally move to nyc to start my career in fashion. well upon looking into employment and internships, i have realized that there are a lot of opportunities in la as well… which creates the great debate! 
nyc vs. la

in nyc, it’s an obvious fashion capital with every major brand located in the city. a downfall is the fact that EVERYONE goes to new york to make their start and also the cost of living in new york. 
as in la, it’s not as known as a fashion capital but still has plenty of opportunities available. i can use la as a stepping stone to grow to new york at a later date. 
now i need your help! please vote on the poll below to which city i should choose….
nyc  or la?
la free polls 

off i go!

i have some exciting news! i have FINALLY made a date to make the big move to nyc. for all my followers that have been readers from the beginning, you know my biggest dream has been to move to nyc. (it seems to be everyone’s dream, right?) well, i’m ready to really begin a career in fashion! i plan to move this october…right before my 22nd birthday. and i will definitely keep everyone updated on my big move! 🙂

Kate Spade Fall 2013 RTW

AHHHHHHHHHHH!! (my reaction after seeing the Kate Spade Fall 2013 RTW collection!) I am coveting EVERY piece from the collection from the color schemes to the new york inspiration to the menswear pieces and big bows. Deborah Lloyd and her design team made this whole year wonderful with all the “things we love”. 

View the rest of the collection below: 

I’m very excited for the New York inspired collection, looks with the “big apple” print on the jeans and skirts. Also, I need the taxi clutch, flats, and heels!

Iggy Azalea covers Nylon Mexico

The Australian rapper shows off her wonderful physique in very colorful and playful styles.

Navy blouse with the perfect slack.

Today, I had my follow up interview from earlier this week. I decided to bring my A Game to this interview. I hadn’t wore my teal Paige Denim slacks yet and this was the perfect opportunity. I didn’t have a top to wear it with so my mom took me to the mall & we browsed for a top. I went to get a manicure for my interview & my mom cruised through Forever21 for options. She found this really cute navy blouse with rhinestoned neckline & wrists. The quality of the blouse makes it look like it’s not from Forever21 and from a more higher classed retailer.

I feel i’m giving a classic, tailored color blocked look. The pants are THE perfect fit and that’s what made the look so great. They fit great in the legs and the length is wonderful. It resembles a 70’s wide leg pant.

Plus, they feel like butter on…. any opportunity I get. I will definitely be wearing these in the future.