my culture is not a costume.

today’s post will a little out of my norm, but this is an important issue i’d love to speak on.

DSC_0163 DSC_0166It’s summer time, which means my braids are back! It’s too hot to manage my hair and braids make my mornings much easier. Lol. With braids come lots of questions, especially by people of other races. I know typically it’s from true curiosity about my hair, but sometimes it can be borderline offensive.

DSC_0104 DSC_0105

I know it’s not the norm to be able to change the style of your hair very often, but as a black woman that is something that I can do and love about my hair. Asking to touch my hair is a major NO NO! I am not an exhibition or a pet so touching my hair is a true insult. It may not seem wrong to want to touch hair, but think about someone came up to you and asked you that.

With that, asking if my hair is…. my hair is probably the most hurtful question. Like… why just why? Lots of women wear extensions and I wouldn’t dare other woman if her hair was hers or an extension, because it really isn’t business.

DSC_0115 DSC_0126

As women, I think we pride in our looks and I know I can be sensitive to unwanted criticism and questions. I think as women when we meet other of various cultures, we should look at them with an open mind and think fully before asking questions on their looks. DSC_0128 DSC_0129DSC_0135

Thank you all for listening to my rant!

Anywho, My look was on the run for errands and lunch of my girls. I recently bought this top from Nordstrom Rack and I am madly in love the pattern. It has a great ethic look to it and the colors pop very well on my skin. I paired my blouse with my favorite Jimmy Jimmy boyfriend jeans from Paige Denim. To dress my look up from my normal casual style, I “borrowed” my moms classic open toe Lanvin pumps.

DSC_0155 DSC_0165DSC_0107


Happy Thursday! Are all of you posting #tbt photos today? lol I definitely have a throwback for you all… Birkenstocks! Yes, the “Jesus sandals”! I remember in middle school all the girls in school had them and I REALLY wanted a pair too. I maybe wore those like 5 times… smh. Well Birkenstocks have reappeared in my life and I am OBSESSED. They are so comfortable and really make any look casual chic. (I might be stretching it with that, but I just really like them.) This will definitely be my summer essential sandal this year.


skulls & hearts

Yesterday, was an off day for me but very productive! My parents had to go to the DMV for a few things and while there I ended up taking my written test so I can finally be a licensed driver! Yes, I don’t have a license… I’m a little bit of the late bloomer. It was a bad hair day so I threw on my BP skull scarf on my head as a head scarf.

 I got this cool backdrop at a local art studio in Palm Desert and I loved the industrial feel again my feminine, yet casual look. I will definitely be going back there to take shots in the future! 

Sweater: Forever21 Jeans: Nordstrom Shoes: Target Scarf: Nordstrom Purse: Dooney & Bourke Accessories: Kate Spade


 Last Sunday, my manager took everyone out for dinner. We went to a popular mexican restaurant in Palm Springs named Las Casuelas. I decided to step my game up a little with my moms sequin camouflage pants. They are a real attention getter and they are sooo comfortable! I paired them with my black & white Frenchi blouse from Nordstrom. Which dressed them up a little bit and since it was chilly I threw on my sisters leather and sweater sleeved jacket from Forever 21.

Blouse: Nordstrom Jacket: Forever21 Pants: Michael Kors Boots: Wet Seal


 ‘Tis the day for a Christmas Sweater. I bought this sweater last year at goodwill and didn’t get a chance  to wear so I decided to this past Saturday at work. It was my last day working before Christmas and wanted to come in the holiday spirit!

Sweater: Goodwill Pants: Nordstrom Shoes: Target Accessories: Kate Spade

Blue Skies & Pink Pants

Yesterday, I went to run a few shopping errands with my mom for my brothers birthday. We also had to do a little shopping at the local mall. Instead of wearing my normal sweats, t shirt, & flip flops. I really decided to get dressed. I did keep my look simple with a dark chambray shirt, pink pants, and brown oxfords.

Shirt- Target
Pants- Nordstrom
Shoes- Can’t remember
Accessories- Betsey Johnson (necklace) and Forever21 (Bracelets)

Beyonce’s ‘La Marina’ Look for Less

Last week, Beyonce celebrated her husband’s D’USSE cognac at La Marina in Manhattan. Her stunned in a leopard Roberto Cavalli dress with Charlotte Olympia ‘Dolly’ heels. Beyonce is turning into a real style icon and I know many of her fans would love to wear a similar look. So here is her La Marina look for less:

My Fall Fashion Wish List

Since we are in our first week of fall, I wanted to show my ‘ Fall Wish list’ of pieces or trends that I want to wear this fall. Now since I’m back on the west coast, fall hasn’t quite hit us weather wise. So I have time to prep for when it does get cooler here.

1. The Printed Blazer- I’ve seen many printed blazers this season and everyone should add this into their collection. It’s a great piece to add that can be used no matter the season and can move a look from work to night life.

This particular blazer I am CRAZY over. It is by Clover Canyon and can be found at The ancient paisley print gives off an almost vintage Versace look. I have already envisioned the look I will wear with this blazer.

2. Pullover Sweater- Pullover Sweaters are one of my favorite pieces for the fall. I was recently packing and organizing my clothes for my move and realized I have about 8 pull over sweaters. I think I have a slight addiction.

Well this ‘Garcon’ sweater from TopShop for Nordstromv will have to be added to my closet. I looks like it would be very comfortable and have a ‘boyfriend’ fit. Which is fitting for me,because I love to layer button ups under pull over sweaters.

3. Colored Leather Leggings- I’ve seen a lot of personal blogs that I go to talk about leather leggings. I have not been a huge fan of them, but I have grown a liking of colored leather leggings.

Both pair above were from Nordstrom , but I know there are lots from various brands.

4. Mixed Media- Speaking of leather, the use of “mixed media” with leather has been very popular this year and will be a very big trend this fall. This is probably my favorite trend. I have seen lots of pieces that I really liked, but never went back to purchase. This year I will not make that mistake again.

Each of the pieces above I would wear, but I especially am looking out for the TopShop for Nordstrom denim jacket with leather sleeves.