school house rock!

model, sarah ruban, gives her fiercest “a game” in a recent shoot for elle mexico. she is being a fabulous teacher in a schoolhouse with mini me’s along side of her. 

Urban Outfitters is bringing back Lisa Frank!!

Urban Outfitters have brought me back to elementary school by releasing a Limited Edition line with Lisa Frank… Yes, LISA FRANK! When I saw the email about the line, I screamed out of excitement. I was OBSESSED with Lisa Frank as a kid and actually owned many of the pieces in the line (shown below). Which I will be repurchasing to collect. Also, Urban Outfitters were lucky enough to get an interview with Lisa Frank.. which is posted below also.

 Stationery Pack: $16

 Book Cover (Set of Two): $10

 Alphabet Stickers: $12

 Cookie Jar: $79

 Poster Book: $28

 Jumbo Erasers (Pack of Six): $10

 Jumbo Sticker Sheet (Set of Two): $8

 Memo Pad: $8

 Sticker Box: $14

 Sticker Collection Book: $8

 Poster Book: $28

 Stationery Set: $14

 Photo Album: $35

 Spiral Notebook: $10

 Sticker Box: $14

 Sticker Box: $14

 Sticker Pack: $14

 Sticker Sheet (Pack of Ten): $14

 Tri-Fold Binder Set: $35

 Desk Set: $20

 Notecard (Set of Eight): $14

 Vinyl Zip Pouch: $10

Writing Book: $10

Back to school shopping with Brandy

Brandy wanted to embrace her inner rock chick this year so we mixed a lot of graphic tees and prints with solid bottoms for Brandy. My mom bought her a pair of Doc Martens so they are her go to shoe and go with every look.

Look One: (Brandy’s Pick!)

Look Two:

Look Three: (My Pick!)

The Winner:

Back to School shopping with Bryce

It’s that time of year again….. Back to school! My sisters started school this week so this past weekend we went school shopping for them. Sunday night, we pulled out the best looks for Bryce to wear on the first day.

Look One:

Look Two: (My Pick!)

Look Three:

Look Four: (Bryce’s Pick!)

The Winner:

Style Cap: Shorts in the winter?

Shorts in the winter are always a tricky fashion choice. You have to handle the outfit with lots of care so it looks cohesive. You never want to look like that stereotypical girl with cut off shorts & uggs….

I tried this look out this past week for work. I recently purchased these black corduroy shorts from my job and wanted a nice professional look. So I paired the shorts with a white button and a houndstooth patterned blazer.

How do you think I did?

xoxo, TTF

Style Cap: Family Edition

This past week my sister decided to throw on her team of stylist (My mom and I) that she had a last minute engagement (cross country banquet). We recently sold our home & our between locations, so were in corporate housing. Picture 8 people in an apartment…. EXACTLY!! What affected me more was the fact that we have NO closet space, which means no space for clothes. 😦

So the stylist team got together and came up with a look fit for a socialite…. on a budget.

We chose a white button up and black slacks from my mom’s closet to go for a clean, crisp, professional look. The accessories were what made the outfit pop!

The earring were from Charlotte Russe, necklace & bracelet was from Forever 21, and the ring from Burlington Coat Factory.

Here’s the final product!

Mummies, Fashion, & Hammertime?…
So today the family went to the Michael C. Carlos at Emory University, because my sister had free tickets. I had been there before, but with the family it’s always a new experience. My brother, who’s 4, wanted to touch EVERYTHING & security in this small museum was C R A Z Y so every step we took they were right behind us. My family is always entertaining, so our commentary to the pieces was hilarious. Here’s a little bit of we saw….
We saw mummies…

beautiful garments…..
fashionable statues….
Cool Coats….
I wonder how heavy that is?

..AND, this D O P E blanket

okay tell me if you see, “HAMMERTIME or H M R T M E” somewhere in there? I see it!
I have more fashion from the museum coming next….
Photo of the day:

I was showing my school pride yesterday… pretty simple outfit.

Sweatshirt: SCAD
Jeans: Delias
Shoes: Alife

I went to the circus for school….

Well I went to “circus training” for my SPEECH class.. odd, i know! I will explain later.
First off, I have to take a pic in every outfit I wear so I had to take quick picture before I left. I was trying to keep it workout appropriate, but still cute.

When I got there they split everyone into groups of four, my group started at the balance station.

From the words of the great Janelle Monae:

“Cause baby whether you’re high or low
Whether you’re high or low
You gotta tip on the tightrope”

I had to bring back those skateboard skills from sixth grade when I wanted to be Avril Lavigne.. lol
These are two of my classmates Rachel & Marcus.

Rachel ended up in the same group with me in the trapeze portion. She acted like she was new to this. . .
But she was a natural!
Then it was my turn. . . I was so nervous when I got to the bar
But it all came natural to me… lol
That was our finale move.. it was a mini workout. I was sweating when I got off. I had a 10 min conversation with the instructor (the girl in all the pics… who’s been doing this since she was 4!!) about their workout classes. I told my mom we were going to one of their classes ASAP!

The instructor who was over the balance station showed us his specialty… this was stretching for him… WOW! He was so good!
So your probably still asking why would we go to the circus for a speech class?? My teachers whole motto was that if we can get over the fear of circus training, we can get over the fear of giving a speech in front of our classmates.
Homecoming 2010
Last weekend my sisters decided to let everyone know they were going to the homecoming dance. So on Tuesday, we embarked on an adventure to find them last minute dresses.
Our first stop was Macy’s. . .

Here they are before we left. . .
On the way in we saw this fabulous Ralph Lauren display… I want the plaid money bag!!
Here’s the first dress my sister bryce tried on… this was my favorite.
Here’s a snippet of another dress she tried on… ehhh!

Here’s one my sister brandy tried on, it was cute.
This one was the winner to me. So sexy, but still cute.
On the way to look for shoes, the Fendi store was having a little event & had a piano player. As you can see below, he had wonder woman cuffs on his arms and had on sneakers. He was VERRRYYYY different.
Next we hit Wet Seal to look at heels.
Here they are in heels.
Them attempting to walk was so funny I had to record my sister Brandy walking. . .
Overall, it was a fun night picking out their outfits.
Here’s how they looked before they left:
So beautiful! 🙂