Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013 Collection: Racist?

In this Spring’s collection, Dolce & Gabbana chose to not only have NO diversity within the models of the show, but to also have racist notions through out the show. The whole collection was somewhat tribal themed, but certain pieces stood out amongst others.

For example, one model is wearing earrings that resemble a slave-like illustration of an African American woman. Also, the same image of the woman is splashed on a burlap-sack dress and another printed dress.

According to the Huffington Post, “The images are known as Blackamoors — of black people dressed lavishly in turbans and jewels are largely considered collectable art, they can also be very offensive. No matter how beautiful they are, the figures still represent slavery. With that said, are you offended by D&G’s use of Blackamoors? ”

Please comment with your thoughts.

My Fall Fashion Wish List

Since we are in our first week of fall, I wanted to show my ‘ Fall Wish list’ of pieces or trends that I want to wear this fall. Now since I’m back on the west coast, fall hasn’t quite hit us weather wise. So I have time to prep for when it does get cooler here.

1. The Printed Blazer- I’ve seen many printed blazers this season and everyone should add this into their collection. It’s a great piece to add that can be used no matter the season and can move a look from work to night life.

This particular blazer I am CRAZY over. It is by Clover Canyon and can be found at The ancient paisley print gives off an almost vintage Versace look. I have already envisioned the look I will wear with this blazer.

2. Pullover Sweater- Pullover Sweaters are one of my favorite pieces for the fall. I was recently packing and organizing my clothes for my move and realized I have about 8 pull over sweaters. I think I have a slight addiction.

Well this ‘Garcon’ sweater from TopShop for Nordstromv will have to be added to my closet. I looks like it would be very comfortable and have a ‘boyfriend’ fit. Which is fitting for me,because I love to layer button ups under pull over sweaters.

3. Colored Leather Leggings- I’ve seen a lot of personal blogs that I go to talk about leather leggings. I have not been a huge fan of them, but I have grown a liking of colored leather leggings.

Both pair above were from Nordstrom , but I know there are lots from various brands.

4. Mixed Media- Speaking of leather, the use of “mixed media” with leather has been very popular this year and will be a very big trend this fall. This is probably my favorite trend. I have seen lots of pieces that I really liked, but never went back to purchase. This year I will not make that mistake again.

Each of the pieces above I would wear, but I especially am looking out for the TopShop for Nordstrom denim jacket with leather sleeves.

Back to school shopping with Brandy

Brandy wanted to embrace her inner rock chick this year so we mixed a lot of graphic tees and prints with solid bottoms for Brandy. My mom bought her a pair of Doc Martens so they are her go to shoe and go with every look.

Look One: (Brandy’s Pick!)

Look Two:

Look Three: (My Pick!)

The Winner:

Back to School shopping with Bryce

It’s that time of year again….. Back to school! My sisters started school this week so this past weekend we went school shopping for them. Sunday night, we pulled out the best looks for Bryce to wear on the first day.

Look One:

Look Two: (My Pick!)

Look Three:

Look Four: (Bryce’s Pick!)

The Winner:

How NOT to dress to a job interview

Yesterday, I was at Buffalo Wild Wings with my mom and a girl was talking to a manager of the restaurant. We sat down waiting for our to go order & realized that she was there for a job interview. We were both shocked, because she was not exactly dressed for a job interview. Even though it was a fast food restaurant, she was dressed like she was going to the club.

(Here’s a quick snapshot of her outfit. She had a white crew neck t-shirt, yellow knit blazer, stretch skirt, & short cowboy booties.)

Which gave me the idea to do this post on looks for a job interview. Now I know everyone doesn’t have the money to invest into an expensive look. So I pieced together two looks that are under $100 and great professional looks.

Which look do you love more? One or Two?

Get this look: Brandy’s Peasant Romper

This past week, singer, Brandy performed at Howard University for her new album ‘Two Eleven’. 
She rocked a blue peasant ruffled top romper and black studded combat boots.
I’ve spent all day on the internet looking for the romper Brandy wore or a similar top short combination. I was not successful in my search, but below I have my closest look: 

 ‘Haute Hippie Silk Romper’ (Nordstrom)- $325

Although the romper is not the same peasant style, it is the same color and you still get the romper look.
I do feel I got the boots perfectly with these Steve Madden studded boots.

 Steve Madden ‘Tarnney’ Boot (Nordstrom)- $149.95

Also, Make sure you take a look at Brandy perform her single, “Put It Down”.

**Photos Courtesy of: TheBrandyBlog

Dear Diary: Trip to San Diego Part 1

This past weekend we drove from Palm Desert (where I currently reside now! Yes, i moved from ATL.) to San Diego to celebrate my cousin Matt graduating from Stanford & his younger sister, Taylor from graduating from high school. Which meant planning out the looks for all the kids, my mom, & myself. We decided our central color would be navy! We started with my youngest sisters & my little brother.

For the girls, we found these cute navy & red plaid skirts from The Children’s Place. Which we paired with a white polo & navy sweater vest.

After finding their look, we decided to keep everyone somewhat preppy.

So for Raylee, we paired his navy Ralph Lauren sweater vest with a light blue chambray shirt & these adorable khaki shorts with little navy skulls. The shirt & shorts were also from The Children’s Place. When we were there, The Children’s Place was having a promotion of the prepppy uniform line & so we got all of our pieces,excluding Raylee’s shorts for 25%.. always the fashionista on a budget.

Next on the list is Brandy (yes, i have many, well for Brandy we found these very dainty navy shorts with teal polka dots.

We thought brandy’s look was a little “hamptons summer tennis session”so we paired it with the off white sweater. Accessories wise, we kept it dainty with her chanel inspired necklace & matching bracelets.

Lastly, In Forever 21 we found Bryce these great nautical navy & white shorts. We wanted to keep Brandy & Bryce somewhat cohesive so we paired Bryces shorts with a green sweater. Which we then paired with a cute green patent cross body purse.

My mom purchased this gorgeous printed Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress from Macys. That is preppy & perfect for the Kentucky Derby!

What did you think of everyone’s looks?