#trappedntravel : where to next?

as many of you remember, my sisters and I traveled to Tokyo last July for almost a week. It was an amazing trip and we now want to make it a staple to take a trip every summer. This year we chose a domestic location, but it’s a new city we’ve never been to.

My next step is to pack which is a task of it’s own.

Told ya I caught the travel bug! Can you guess our next destination?


a day with the girls!

After a long day at work, my blogger bff Nicole sent me the best text ever “come meet us at the pool”. I was so happy and immediately headed home to change and head to The Riviera.


I met up with Nicole and her friend Chasity at the pool. The pool had fun music and everyone there looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Yes, sometimes I do selfie. Especially when I have gorgeous friends.


After some great pool vibes, I had to check out the gorgeous room Nicole and Chas were staying in for the weekend.

IMG_5499 IMG_5493

I was obsessed with the décor of the room and how much The Riviera has changed. I remember visiting Palm Springs as a kid and it was so outdated. They’ve made it fit perfectly with the midcentury theme of the desert.

IMG_5483 IMG_5490 IMG_5491

The girls invited me to hit dinner with them with two new friends from Miami that they met at the pool. We then met up with Ana (who is also a fashion blogger… small world!) and her high school BF Katie. Katie brought her sweet baby Vienna (I hope I spelled it right). We hit the hot spot Trio and had great girls talk at the table.

IMG_5515 IMG_5516

Such an amazing day with great friends and new friends! Isn’t that what life is all about.

NYC, Here I Come!!

I’m so excited to announce that i have been accepted/invited to Lucky Magazine’s LuckyFABB Conference! Ahhhhhh….yes, Lucky Magazine wants me (among other bloggers) to come to their conference. So I will be headed to NYC next month…which is my favorite place on earth! Now it’s time to start planning my outfits. 

can i take your picture?: alex

while on el paseo today, i spotted this boho chic fashionista and instantly knew she had to be on the blog. she exuded the spirit of a socal girl with her free people “duster” that covered her white tank and jean shorts, and to top her look off she threw on a red floppy fedora. she showed her personal style off while remaining simplistic with minimal pieces. 

alex themm is a young model from the o.c. who was visiting the coachella valley with her mom and two friends. if you can’t tell already… alex is a young supermodel in the making! 

necklace: lucky brand
hat: lucky brand
duster: free people
shorts: true religion
shoes: sibicca
bag: purchased at irene 

the great debate: ny vs. la

i have now come into that stage of life where i am at a cross road. as i previously stated, i am looking to finally move to nyc to start my career in fashion. well upon looking into employment and internships, i have realized that there are a lot of opportunities in la as well… which creates the great debate! 
nyc vs. la

in nyc, it’s an obvious fashion capital with every major brand located in the city. a downfall is the fact that EVERYONE goes to new york to make their start and also the cost of living in new york. 
as in la, it’s not as known as a fashion capital but still has plenty of opportunities available. i can use la as a stepping stone to grow to new york at a later date. 
now i need your help! please vote on the poll below to which city i should choose….
nyc  or la?
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how to style for every customer?

with being shop stylist, i have various tasks to perform for the store. this month we focused on styling looks for our conservative and fashion forward customers. i wanted all my looks to have color and some print to it, since it is kate spade. isn’t that what we’re all about? lol
well here are all my looks. comment and tell me which looks you like best!

 “conservative” looks:

“fashion forward” looks: