red lip challenge!

tonight i tweeted a random thought about styling looks around a red lip! after a few positive responses from my followers, i thought about really trying it out. 
so this week i will be challenging myself to style all of my looks around a red lip! 
stay tuned…
We are #winning!!
I previously posted this picture of “Great Brittyn” that we submitted to Ty Hunter’s (Beyonce’s stylist) contest for recreations of Beyonce’s album covers. Well, we & 3 other contestants were chosen by Ty & Beyonce herself!! It was a great honor to be chosen.

This photo collage was submitted by 16 year old Canadian, Kelsey. When asked why she chose the covers that she did she stated,

I tried to do the entire album to increase my chances of winning but I didn’t have a lot of the outfits so I did what I could & hard. ”

Kelsey’s favorite Beyonce song is Halo, but loves all the songs from her most recent album, 4.
This last submission is from Jovita. She chose these covers, because they were easiest for her to do and she loves everyone Beyonce song!
We had a great time entering into the contest.
Thanks Kelsey & Jovita!