Countdown to Lucky Fabb: 20 Days!

Ahhhh…It’s October 4th so that means only 20 more days until the first day of Lucky Fabb! I am so excited for this trip to NYC to meet and connect with all the various participates. Also, to meet some of my kate spade family and also to have a few business meetings. Wooo…This is going to be a busy trip!
I will be doing a countdown each week with a little preview into my preparation into the trip. My main focus right now is getting all my looks together and working out A LOT!!!

As i type this, I am headed out the gym to get a morning workout in before work! YAY! So excited to show you all the looks I have up my sleeve…:)

Can you find fashion at Sports Authority?
This past week, My parents, younger sister, & I started doing Bikram Yoga and I can say my life has been changed for the better. And so has my closet. After beginning classes, I realized I did not have the proper attire for this type of yoga. We made a trip to Sports Authority & we found some great finds.

I was so glad to find these, because the “workout clothing industry” believes that giving women running shorts & sports bras in 5 colors is functional & fashionable. Well it’s NOT! Women like to look good at all times of day.. even when we workout.

These two Nike outfits are fun, because they have a nice

Style Fit 2011

(My mommy & I)
After my mom viewed “I Used To Be Fat”, she was really inspired for weight loss. Now the girl on the show had 111 Days for her weight loss… Well my mom has 101 days until her 40th birthday. So her goal is to lose an significant amount of weight in the 101 days. I have also agreed to come along on this journey with her.
So here are the rules:
  1. 2 workouts a day (One @ 5:30-6:30 pm & another from 4-5 pm) Due to my job, I won’t be able to make all the workouts. :/
  2. No sweets
  3. Nothing, but water to drink
  4. No bread
  5. Among other food regulations can’t remember exactly
  6. OVERALL, we have to work out & eat RIGHT
  7. We weigh in ever 3 weeks

This is really going help me with my discipline and a better lifestyle. I’m a sucker for SWEETS and I’m a snacker..

This will be very interesting. I will be recording us throughout the experience, so have fun watching this journey!