My fall beauty essentials

Hey everyone! Today is the offical first day of fall…too bad it’s still 90 degrees in Palm Springs. I will start implementing more content to the blog (and the brand). Beauty being one of them! woo hoo.

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Motivation Monday: ’til the ocean was my backyard

Today’s motivation monday is short & sweet. My favorite song to listen to when I need an energy boost is “Who Gon Stop Me” by The Throne. There is one particular lyric Jay Z rhymes:

“Told y’all I was gonna go HAM, til the ocean was my backyard.”

That always reminds me to keep motivating myself, but I’m never at the finish line. 

Motivation Monday: Confidence 

This week’s motivation monday topic is confidence. Confidence is something I believe every 20-something struggles with, but it is the key to change the future. Your confidence can be the make or break factor in a job interview. I realize more and more confidence comes into play in every little instance in life. Working retail when working with a client I always have to exude my best “fashion confidence” to create that trust factor. Even in fashion, confidence is the key factor to make any outfit complete!
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When you send fashion bloggers to comic con…

So… yeah, Nicole invited me to Comic Con Palm Springs with her today. Since Brandy and Bryce are pretty invested in the comic/anime world I knew somewhat what I would experiencing.

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New York is always good idea

2016 seems to be my year of travel! Last weekend, I took a trip to New York to meet up with my friend Ebonye and her family. We had an awesome girls weekend exploring the HOT big apple! This was my first trip to New York just was amazing.

I got to visit the Manus x Machina exhibition at The MET and it was amazing! I am fully prepared to visit the exhibition one more time before it leaves. Ebonye and I walked through the meatpacking district and went through the Chelsea market. We went to the museum of sex… but those photos aren’t blog safe. 🙂

We closed out the last day with rooftop yoga, a trip through central park, and shopping in Union Square. Overall, my weekend was just what I needed. I forgot how much I love NYC!

Vancouver Travel Diary PT. 2

Here is a bit of the end to our trip in Vancouver. A major highlight to the trip was our visit to the Capilano Suspension bridge.

If you ever visit Vancouver, this destination is a must! Capilano is a 30 minute drive outside of downtown Vancouver and they offered a free shuttle that takes you to and from downtown. 

We arrived in the beautiful woods of Canada to conquer the bridge! I have to tell you we were scared AS HELL! But i’m so glad we had the experience. 

We got so cozy in the neighborhood near our airbnb, we found our favorite breakfast spot that has fun dishes like this one Bryce ate on the last morning. How beautiful is the local garden we stumbled upon….oh Canada! ❤️

Hot Child in the City 

Next week I am taking a weekend trip with my friend Ebonye and her family in…NEW YORK! New York is probably one of my favorite places EVER and I can’t wait to see the big apple. Over the next week, I will be diving into my sex and the city DVD collection to get some inspiration for my NY looks. Here are (some) of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw looks:



Vancouver Travel Diary PT. 1

My summer trip to Vancouver was amazing!!! We enjoyed lots of food, drinks, and did lots of sightseeing! My sister, Bryce is legal to drink in Canada so we fully took advantage. #turnup We took a walking tour of Granville Island and thoroughly enjoyed the views and ALL the food. We made a spontaneous trip to buy Canadian weed
(apparently Canadians are pretty lenient with their weed) and visited New Amsterdam Café. As you can see we had a pretty well rounded trip… and this is just the first two days.