Politics as usual

I seriously thought I’d be posting this look with a joke about Hillary, but nope. Our country is offically fucked, but enjoy my cute outfit to brighten your day! 🙂 #weallneedtomove #ifyouvotedfortrumpdonttalktome #obama4moreyears

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Monday Motivation: The PODCAST!!!

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday.

This Motivation Monday is very exciting because i’m starting a new venture…a podcast! Yes, you read that right. I feel my readers/internet buddies know all about my fashion life, but it’s time you guys really get to know me. So here we go…The Trapped Fashionista Podcast. I recorded this episode yesterday morning and I’m getting a hang of recording myself so sorry for the sound quality and the fact that I sound very manly.

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My fall beauty essentials

Hey everyone! Today is the offical first day of fall…too bad it’s still 90 degrees in Palm Springs. I will start implementing more content to the blog (and the brand). Beauty being one of them! woo hoo.

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Motivation Monday: ’til the ocean was my backyard

Today’s motivation monday is short & sweet. My favorite song to listen to when I need an energy boost is “Who Gon Stop Me” by The Throne. There is one particular lyric Jay Z rhymes:

“Told y’all I was gonna go HAM, til the ocean was my backyard.”

That always reminds me to keep motivating myself, but I’m never at the finish line. 

Motivation Monday: Confidence 

This week’s motivation monday topic is confidence. Confidence is something I believe every 20-something struggles with, but it is the key to change the future. Your confidence can be the make or break factor in a job interview. I realize more and more confidence comes into play in every little instance in life. Working retail when working with a client I always have to exude my best “fashion confidence” to create that trust factor. Even in fashion, confidence is the key factor to make any outfit complete!
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