#trappedntravel: Vancouver 

It’s time for my annual summer trip with my sisters, Brandy and Bryce. This year we are going “international”, we are going to VANCOUVER! This will be our first time in Canada, so this will be a new great experience. If any of my followers know any hot spots to hit in Vancouver, please comment below! 🙂 
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#trappedntravel: san fran ’16 

last weekend, bryce & i made a weekend trek to san fran. san fran has become my dream california city. i love the city vibes with the weather, while still being in my home state. 

day one was our arrival. we dropped off our bags at our hostel, then we hit the road. first we went to, mr. holmes bakehouse, an awesome bakery that was bumping beyonce when we walked up. #formation 

we took our baked goods to lombard street and ran into all the tourists. like, ugh! then we went across san fran to the 16th ave tiled steps, which i am OBSESSED with! they are so beautiful & you get a view of the city. 

after literally hitting every corner in san fran, we went back to the hostel before the big show! if you remember my post about podcasts, i told you about the read. well they had a live show in sf and i went! it was so funny, ratchet, enlighted, & so much more! so glad i was able to go. see the rest of my travel diary later…

La Chateau at Lake La Quinta

Last week I had the great experience to visit the La Chateau at Lake La Quinta with a group of influencers in the desert. We had a great night of rosè and food on the lake.

La Chateau is a hidden gem in the desert. Where else can you have dinner on the water?? 

we were all about our cocktails, as you can see! 

Top: Alberto Makali Jeans: Jolt Jeans Shoes: Trina Turk 

What is your motivation?

One of my favorite days on social media are Mondays. I adore seeing everyone’s #mondaymotivation posts. Monday’s always get a negative conitation, but it’s a great day to motivate yourself to a fresh week/month/year, etc. 

What is your Monday motivation? I love to set a list of goals for the week. At the end of the week, it’s rewarding to see all the accomplishments you made. 

Top: Trina Turk

Jacket: Trina Turk

Jeans: Jolt Jeans

Bag: Sole Society 

‘chella here i come!

Coachella is here…11 days left until weekend two! Now that my outfits are up together, I’m adding the finishing touches with my accessories.

My pinterest has been my key inspiration for my looks this year. I loved each of these photos for some boho chic vibes. I can’t to show all of you my looks for this year.

my favorite coffee shops in palm springs! 

if you know me personally, you are probably thinking i’m crazy because i don’t drink coffee. us non-coffee drinkers still get enjoyment from our local coffee shops. i love a good hot chocolate & a chai latte (clean)! lol 

i’m a pretty picky person, so i have only a few favorite spots that i like to hit. 

 1. Ernest Coffee: Ernest is really close to my job & typically my “go to”. The staff is amazing & make you feel right home. The clean chai latte with almond milk is always my mid day “pick me up”. 

2. Customs Coffee: Customs is a new shop with the opening of the Arrive Hotel. It is affiliated with Joshua Tree Coffee so the standard of the product is amazing.

3. Koffi: Must say, i don’t go to Koffi often but they have two locations in Palm Springs on my route to work. I typically get the hot chocolate & pick up a pastry while i am there.

Dress: Forever 21// Shoes: Windsor// Jean Jacket: J. crew// Purse: Sonnique Saturday 

Pink Pather.

can i tell you guys what i listen to all day and night….podcast!!! i love love love listening to podcasts. it’s like listening to a group of friends talking. I never really listened to radio shows, but have podcasts pushed those to the back?

 I have my top list of podcasts that i love. 

1. The Read: Your absolutely hilarious weekly dose of black gossip with Kid Fury & Crissle

2. I’ll name this podcast later: Joe Budden (the rapper) has an outrageous podcast with his co hosts Rory & Marissa. 

3. The Bitch Bible: My favorite LA girl gives hilarious stories from her life & talks reality tv! (Thanks Nicole for the reference) 

 Does anyone else listen to podcasts like me? I need more, so please comment with the ones you love! 

Spring has Sprung!


Can you believe Spring is already here? We only got about 2 weeks of Winter here, so I’m pretty bummed that the temperature is already near the 90s. #hellonearth


With Spring comes spring trends… what are your favs and which do you hate?



To Quote my fairy god mother (in my head) Miranda Prieslwy, “Florals? For Spring”… Groundbreaking.”

Although I (clearly) wear floral prints, they aren’t always my favorite since it’s so easy to just pull out anything floral. I think going forward I’ll be definitely mixing my prints and making my floral print not so typical.


Based off what I saw during Fashion Week, I can’t wait to see the hot trends that arrive this year.


Dress: H&M // Shoes: Zippos//Purse: Rebecca Minkoff



Coachella State of Mind

It may still be February (for another week), but my mind is already in April. Coachella is right around the corner and this year I want to be prepared… fashion wise! Last year, I waited to the last moment to shop for my looks and it was a bit stressful. Nothing is worst than being at the mall before it closes the week of Coachella. Plus, everything is gone in your size at that point. My blogger beastie, Niki, has me motivated to shop my looks since she is done with her Coachella shopping.


Also, I’m taking a different direction style wise. Instead of the typical bohemian looks, I’ve been really inspired by the Afropunk musical festival. The festival goers use a mix of modern urban style with traditional African prints and textiles. Maybe I’ve been inspired by formation, but I am really feeling that this year. #Blackgirlmagic #getinformation



Hautelook x Modernism Week

Modernism Week just winded down here in Palm Springs. Modernism Week is a crazy 10 days of home tours, lectures, party, and everything midcentury modern! I’ve been so busy with work, so I wasn’t able to attend many events.

untitled (32)

I was fortunate enough to attend the party thrown by Hautelook at the new beautiful Eichler home. It was nice to have an actual fashion party incorporated into Modernism Week, because we have such stylish visitors that are in the desert. It was fun to see the mix of the crowd with locals and the LA peeps. We all knew who was from out of town, because they were wearing heels. HA

We like things casual in the desert. 🙂 #lazylife I brought my beautiful new Nalana Dress by Trina Turk. It was the perfect show stopper for the event. The retro print fits the midcentury vibes of Modernism Week.

untitled (34)

The crowd of the party was not the usual fashion crowd… for the most part. Everyone was networking and really getting to know other people at the party. Which, I loved! Nothing is worst than being at a party and everyone is in little groups in the room.

untitled (33)


Thank you Hautelook for such an amazing event!