#trappedintravel: where’s my next destination?


Last summer, I traveled to Tokyo with my sisters Brandy and Bryce. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and since then I have wanted to travel again. My mom brought the youtube/blogger, Smiley Adventures, to my attention awhile ago and I have the travel bug. I spent a good two days straight watching her and other travel vlogs. I have been so inspired to see the world and not waste time on the everyday cycle.

Now the question is where to next? One thing I have learned is not to miss the opportunity to travel and how to travel on a budget. I might have a trip in the works and i’ll keep everyone updated…

What destination is on your list to travel? Comment and let me know.


#Trappedintravel: Diver’s City Food!

On Monday, we hit Odaiba! Odaiba is an entertainment center if i can call it that. there is the main mall called diver city then there is the waterside with “the decks” mall then the toyota center and venus shopping center!

We tackled the 7 story diver city and there was so much shopping we were overwhlemed. i didn’t do much shopping, because i was really trying see the full mall and get the full experience. not only is there amazing shopping, but the food!


on the first floor of the mall, there is a saniro shop that sells hello kitty pancakes! Yes…hello kitty pancakes!! yum!



They had a beautiful food court and we had to stop there for lunch! i had a noodle dish w/ egg and pork with red peppers. Brandy had octupus fried balls! They were super good.

Bryce had authentic japanese ramen…not the on the stove ramen noodles!




#trappedintravel: japanese style


here are a few snapshots of japanese style! i love the girly/feminine style vs. the urban style japanese girls wear. the way they mix prints & patterns has definitely inspired my style!