Midweek Mediation.

DSC_0176Wednesdays are normally the best, because we’re so close to the weekend. working retail never really allows me to have true weekends. I live vicariously through all of you!

DSC_0188 DSC_0212

For me, it’s typically my day to regroup. I tend to get in the weekend mood and that is how I often miss my weekly goals.

DSC_0185 DSC_0184

Plus, I might be a chronic procrastinator. don’t judge y’all.


This week I took a different method to my Wednesday and took time to practice some yoga and mediation. Yes, I’m a yogi on the side… like wayyyy on the side, I’ve been in months.


And since I haven’t been in awhile, so my form is not the best, but it always makes my body feel amazing afterwards.



Do you guys do anything that keeps you focused throughout the week? What helps you?

Tank: Old Navy

Sports Bra: Nike

Pants: Old Navy

Blue Blue

This old navy set was a birthday gift from my parents! (oh yes…Happy Birthday to me!) Even though, I didn’t get a chance to hit the gym after my class. I made this my look for the day. I threw on a pair of gladiator sandals and made it a chic matching set. IMG_1862

or i looked like a “fake busy” housewive, right? Either way, it was so cute and comfortable. I think I will start making workout clothes my everyday looks….Just kidding. IMG_1870 IMG_1871

This week has been so fantastic so I had to jump for joy! IMG_1873 IMG_1863 IMG_1877

Jacket: Old Navy

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: DSW

Purse: Kate Spade

Accessories: Nordstrom

How to make your workout gear chic?



I’ve found myself in a dilemma the last few times i leave the gym. i leave all gross and sweaty, but need to go run errands afterwards. i hate to be that lady who wears workout clothes all day for no reason! i’m going to give  you a few ways to make your workout clothes chic after leaving the gym!



i started with a very basic look to base. i bought my neon shirt from target and my shorts are nike and so are my (mom’s) airmax’s! IMG_1153

Step One: Add Jewelry

I know it may feel weird to put on jewelry about a workout, but if you dry off. Put a simple necklace and some hoops. I chose to use my colorful kate spade statement necklace. the colors of the necklace will go with any and everything!

IMG_1155 IMG_1162


Step Two: Add a Purse

If you have a full day planned after a workout and don’t have time to change after…don’t bring your gym bag! In replace of it, car a nice chic crossbody bag that can possibly cover part of your gym clothes. I chose to use this fringe cross body from forever21 that my mom recently purchased for my sisters. It instantly changes the look of my sporty look.







IMG_1165 IMG_1166







Step Three: Add a Jacket

My original choice was a denim jacket since it’s summer, but one of my sisters took it the day I was shooting! My next choice was this mix material leather jacket. I wouldn’t exactly be wearing a leather jacket in the summer, but you can throw any type of jacket to cover your workout clothes.






What do you think of my add on’s to your workout looks?